Other Sources of Casein Protein?

I heard it’s a good idea to get quite a bit of it before going to sleep… I’ve tried cottage cheese, I’m eating it as a I type this. It tastes fine, the only problem is how it feels. I have to keep fighting my gag reflex, it’s terrible. Is there another food for this?

Make a cottage cheese omelette.Use a few eggs,some ham and the cottage cheese.makes it a whole lot better.

Other han that,you can drink some milk or use a high-casein protein powder.

Metabolic Drive for example.

blend the cottage cheese with your favorite protein drink… it only thickens it up.

Have you tried ricotta cheese? Try a cup of low-fat ricotta with a scoop of Metabolic Drive…to die for.

Actually, my mother saw me trying to just eat cottage cheese by the spoonful. She told me to eat it with some pineapple. Much better. Tastes good and doesn’t make me gag. o.o

Tell your Mom that she is a smart lady. I just tried that, good stuff!

You can try powdered milk. It’s alot cheaper!