Other Sites For Bathroom Reading Material?

I usually read 1 or 2 articles off T-Nation every day when I’m in my office and have to use the shitter. While I enjoy this I’d like to stretch my sphere of knowledge.

Anyone have any other sites not muscle and fitness related with good “5-10 minutes to read articles” for Good Ol’ Sen Say to print out to read while using the aforementioned shitter?


I read books on my phone. It has a Kindle app and you can get some pretty good shit off Amazon for $1 or $2.

Tocqueville" Democracy in America was free.

Multitask you old fart.

Porn sites, rub one out, shit and you are ahead of the game.

Science section is always a good read.

Im always in the process of reading a book so I generally take it in with me. If not that, I pull up a news source on my phone and see if there is any good news like the U.S invading Canada or something. If Im taking a real long shit(which I love), I just sit there and imagine that Im a jedi in the middle of the Clone Wars. There you go.

Pithy articles, very informative…good stuff…get your ‘week’ on while
sittin’ on Da Can…Enjoy, and next time you go, blow a big loud one for me will ya?
“PFFFFFFGGGT”…‘Ah, Karado, you’re brilliant’