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Other Research Chems?


This question is more aimed at RJ but anyone with some info should feel free to chime in.
I'm wondering if chemone (or any other research chem co) is planning on offering BP and cholesterol meds?


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While I don't know for certain, I will speculate on why this would likely not happen. First you've got the difficulty of treatment. Customers would have to monitor their cholesterol and blood pressure and decide on their own if their self-prescribed treatment is effective.

This is difficult because there are a ton of different classes of cholesterol and BP meds, and within these classes there are quite a few different options. Most customers are ignorant to the process and mechanisms behind treatment and this brings up a legal issue.

Even if Chemone these products legally, cholesterol and BP are life-threatening conditions that if treated properly could bring suit against the company (Chemone).

While it might not go anywhere, it would bring negative publicity to the research chemical industry (at least the AAS-type research chem companies) and could lead to new laws or current laws being more strictly enforced, ultimately leading to the downfall of the industry or a huge cut in profits.

Take-home points: treatment is too difficult for most people to do (let alone some doctors) to do themselves, and this could lead to legal issues and at minimum negative publicity


Another reason, implied but not stated, is that with so many choices it would be difficult to sell such a wide variety of products while still making a profit, as each one in itself doesn't have huge market potential.


Very good points.



Same could be said for AAS... (Just an observation)


Another observation is that AAS is not sold through a reputable company legally over the internet in the US like all the research chems are through a company like chemone.


Both classes of drugs have a lot of very cheap generics like $4/month at Wal-mart. If one has a need, I can't think of a reason why one would not be able to get a script.

Red Rice Yeast concentrate works ok.

TRT can lower cholesterol big time, and for less cost than brand name statins.