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Other Pets


Sorry, gotta give my last pet a fair shake. There are other pets besides dogs and cats!

This is Pavarotti, my Bearded Dragon


That's a nice pet but I think you should be able to wrestle with your pets...is that one of those lizards that grow to 8 feet?


Sorry I don't have a photo but if I did the caption would be. . .

"Here's Andrea my bearded girlfriend"

We'll ex anyway

Maybe there's a connection between the two?


Dragons are cool.

A bit pricier than average pets, and AFAIK tend to die a bit quicker on people, but still cool.

Back at the power company we used to always make gags with the field reps that someone had a komodo dragon tied to his meter for safety from shutoff. People seriously would tie dogs to their meters for that purpose.


Pavarotti is 6 now, so he's getting along in years. They can live to 9 or 10 though. He's about 18 inches long, including tail. I have no idea how much he cost, my roommates after college were dating and when they broke up neither wanted the Dragons, I got 4 of them but Pav killed or maimed all of the others.

When I caught him eating the tail off of his 'friend' while the porr little thing was thrashing around trying to get away I gave up and decided on only have one!

It is SO cool to watch him eat crickets!