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Other Names for Brown Rice?


OK, I'm somewhat stumped here. I go to the supermarket, Costco, anywhere really, and when I look at the rice I see HUUUGE sacks of white rice. Multiple brands. Jasmine rice (whatever the hell that is) and other kinds of what I assume are white rice. All I can ever find for brown rice is small 5 lbs. bags though. Is there some other name for brown rice that I should be looking for? I assume it'd be cheaper to buy big bags of it if I could find it..


I bought Organic Brown Basmati Rice in a huge bag from costco about 7 months ago. Still working on it. It's in a weird burlap sack with handles and a zipper. Look for the strange bags.


Does it say Brown Basmati Rice? Or just Basmati Rice on the bag? Because I've seen Basmati Rice, but didn't know what it was.


i eat jasmine rice regularly...best tasting rice imo...

idk how people eat brown rice on regular basis...


It definitely says brown.


shit. My Costco didn't have that


fwiw, Basmati is similar in GI to Brown rice (58 vs 55), which in the whole scheme of things is negligible. It doesn't have as much fiber as brown rice, but if you eat your veggies and eat rice mostly for bulk carbs, white Basmati is just fine. I think it tastes a lot better too. Jasmine is the worst, GI over 100.