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Other Legal/Approved Uses for Testosterone Injections?


Kind of an odd question, but is testosterone FDA approved for any other condition other than hypogonadism? I opened a few PDF docs from their site, but couldn’t find any other mention of diseases or illnesses it can treat. Though, there’s not 1 specific FDA approved testosterone “medication” (i.e., testogel, patches, cyp, prop, e, etc.) which complicated the matter.

Are there any “off-label” uses for it?



Diabetes, osteoporosis, and anemia.


Thanks. I thought asthma (since it’s a performance enhancing drug) would be a long shot to try and get the VA to cover T shots until I can get hypogonadism in there as a secondary or non-service connected illness for coverage as it takes them forever. :smirk:


Rx for muscle wasting. Can be in context of HIV, or when high doses of corticosteroids are used which can be extremely catabolic. [Or any other cause of major muscle wasting.]


Testosterone was historically used to treat depression. I think that it was more common prior to the development of SSRIs, which are much more effective.

More recent research has been mixed. Some studies have found no benefit, whilst others show it helps, particularly with treatment-resistant depression. There is a correlation between low free testosterone and depressive disorders, which might explain why it can work.

On a personal, anecdotal level, I’ve found that it helps. It’s about as effective as 50 or 100 mg of Sertraline / Zoloft (a common SSRI), but without the side effects. But my suspicion is that I’d need a higher dose of testosterone to balance my mood than is necessary for treating hypogonadism.


Any studies done on this? Or is this off label usage?



There have been studies done, but the results have been mixed. This is an overview from 2003, but this meta-analysis had mixed results.

I don’t know if it’s a common practice. But depression is one of those things that can take a few attempts to find a fix, so it might be worth pursuing.


Studies do not matter when it comes to an individual. You can try things and see if they work for you. You are a population of one.

Time and time again we see guys with low T who are pronounced “depressed” by their doctors and put on SSRIs that do not help and SSRI’s trash was was already poor sexual performance. This is a problem with doctors and misdiagnosis guided by using SSRIs to fix things they do not understand.