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Other Fish?

I really can’t stand salmon and tuna to the point of heaving whilst I eat but I can eat fish such as cod, haddock, plaice all day.
I know only too well about the good fats in salmon but was wondering if I could eat one of those ‘other’ forms of fish which are just as high in protein and just supplement the rest of the fat with fish oils. I was also interested to read the claim the the new Biostest EFA supplement will contain the same amount of fat as load of salmon in which case could this render my heaving salmon days obsolete? In any case what are your thought on the tasty types of fish?

I don’t see why you should limit your fish choices to salmon and tuna. I personally like raw salmon and seared ahi tuna, but I also eat other types of fish (I’m an equal opportunity meat/poultry/fish eater). And why force yourself to eat things you hate? you shouldn’t make your eating so miserable that you’d rather skip a meal than to eat the hated salmon/tuna.

Besides salmon, grouper is my favorite. I don’t know of it’s EFA content but I do know that it is fairly lean. Orange Roughy ain’t bad, catfish is pretty good, Tuna steaks are alright…that’s about all I can think of.