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Other Darden HIT Forum?

I’ve been on Dr Dardens other HIT forum for years and suddenly I can’t find it? When I click on its link I’m sent to this now? Does anyone know what happened to it?


I wrote you a note last night under your first post: “New Look Dr Darden’s Board.”

Thanks so much , I guess I missed it but I’m still not sure how to navigate T Nation yet. It’s funny how important you find something is in your life when suddenly it’s gone! For a while I panicked thinking maybe you had passed away or something especially when everyone I talked to knew less than I did. I guess this TNation has been around for some time so I hope it all works out for the better!
Scott Springston

You aren’t the only one finding the site hard to navigate ! I can’t locate any of the articles I’m looking for.

I’ve been OK here at this forum , but totally lost when I try to find something from anyone else. I see people mentioning articles yet can’t find them .

Must be some system tonit but I can’t figure it out.

From what I can gather Darden used to have his own site, and now that has been scrubbed and he has a subforum on the main T-Nation site.

Dardens old forum was very well designed and easy to navigate . It had tons of great articles on building muscle and losing fat. One of the best parts was that Darden was natural , he never used steroids so you felt his advice was sound advice for those us us who wouldn’t touch that stuff. He worked with Arthur Jones and in a way was an extension of Jones which was great for the many of us who obsessed over Jones and Nautilus . It became a haven for old Nautilus lovers like myself! It was all about high intensity training and Darden was constantly coming up with new ways to implement that . Like so many others he didn’t rest on his laurels promoting some out of date strategy. As of late the forum seemed to be chocked full of nut cases who remained anonymous and constantly made exaggerated claims of great progress they were making on some fantasy routine. Many routinely talked of this and that but would never show who they actually were or produce any evidence that they actually existed. It was fun disputing them but that got old. There were a handful of good guys who talked serious muscle building and showed themselves but I guess there just wasn’t enough of them to at least keep the forum alive? Let’s see if the good part of the old Darden site can work it’s way here!!

As a heads up, we have a twice yearly Photo/Video Check-in, every August and February for the last 8 years. Participation isn’t mandatory, but it’s a chance for every member to post a little something to show they’re at least putting in some work:

You can get a handle on the mechanics of the forum by playing around and testing stuff in the Forum Feature Practice Thread - quoting, italics, bold, replying, whatever:

I know this setup is very different from the old site, we went through the same thing here a few years ago when the T Nation forum changed to this new system. Some people had issues at first then they got the hang of it. It really is easier to operate overall, the main thing is that it’s new and different.

Very glad to have the new crowd join us and extremely glad to have Dr. Darden sharing his experience here.

Yeah the old site was quite a bit different in terms of content than the new site. This functions almost solely as a discussion forum, whereas the old site was much more of a website with articles and info.

We just need ‘Grant D’ to join and everything will get back to normal! … lol


Hi Scott. I think we all had a shock, I thought it was just me at first until someone explained a couple of weeks ago.