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Other Breakfast Foods


I know many of us start our days with a ton of eggs, oats, fruit, etc. That is all I have eaten in the morning for so long I don't even know what else to try. What do the people that can't really stand eating the eggs and oats everyday eat?

Putting a diet together for someone (lady) who needs about 1,550 calories (for fat loss) and really doesn't like the eggs and oats in the morning. Just not a real breakfast person at all. I think I may just start off with the chicken and rice in the a.m....lol

Any suggestions would help.


btw - No shakes. All solid foods


how about some cottage cheese or plain greek yogurt with frozen blueberries in it?

chicken and rice isn't a bad idea either. it's not illegal to eat a non-traditional breakfast. i eat leftovers from the previous day's dinner several times a week for breakfast.


Rice and chicken isn't to bad of an idea if you throw some beans in there also. Get some fiber in there, deters hunger a lot better. With the right spices, this is awesome (Anything from Mrs. Dash)

Buy her some ezekiel bread. Sandwiches made with this and roasted turkey would be an awesome combo.

They have some raisin filled type to, that could be good for breakfast. This coupled with some sauteed sirloin steak pieces or round steak alongside some peppers/onions would be nice. Or chicken if that's her thing. Plus get her on the Mrs. Dash wagon. (Garlic Herb, Original and southwest chipotle are awesome ones)

Nice spinach salad perhaps in the morning, with a fresh seasonal pear, raisins,almonds and roasted marinated chicken pieces. Perhaps throw some feta or blue cheese in there. Extra virgin olive oil or macadamia nut oil for some more added good fats.

Wheat pasta and ground round/sirloin beef spaghetti. (as long as she doesn't have allergies/intolerance's to stuff, gluten/dairy usually are the biggest culprits)

FAGE Greek Yogurt (with beneficial bacteria, one of the best on market) with added fresh or frozen blueberries. Plus some strawberries, maybe a little splenda to sweeten it up a little more.


Good Stuff. Thanks for the ideas.


Turkey sausage and center cut bacon is quite low calorie, very delicious, and a great source of protein and good fats.