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Other Biotest Supps?

The new site has been up for a few days, and maybe I just need to be more patient, but I’m wondering if anyone knows if and when the other Biotest supplements (Tribex, Red Kat, Myostat, Hot-Rox, etc.) will be available through the new site. Don’t get me wrong. I’m excited about Red Bands and Alpha Male, but my understanding was that these wouldn’t be replacements for other stuff; they would be in addition to what was already available. Clearly the new site has some supps that were available from the old one (Grow, Surge, M), so it can’t be that they’re only going to sell the new stuff on here. Anyone have any info. on this?

(Moderator’s note- These products are still available at GNC.)


I’ve been kinda wondering this myself.

I “think” the idea was that HOT-ROX and most other supps such as Tribex, Myostat, and others would still be avaliable and the typical retailers such as Netrition, and GNC. While others such as Grow!, ZMA, I think any that have had the price reductions would be sold exclusively in the Biotest online store.

Red Bands and Alpha Male were said to be special editions of certain products available only in the Biotest store at discounted prices.

I’m guessing maybe this is due again to retailers. Grow! can be priced at whatever point desired without regard for retailers, whereas supps still sold through retailers such as HOT-ROX would have to be sold based on retialers markups.

This seems to make sense but again is speculation, HOT-ROX was sold before along with the discounted products so it might end up in the store tonight for all I know…


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When I called Biotest yesterday, I found out that all of those supplements are all still available by phone orders only. They are also having a special on those items aswell. I’m not sure if they want me saying what the special deal is, so when you call them, ask about it.