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Other Benefits of Protein

I love whey protein the way that guy from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” loved windex. I usually take it in the morning with coffee, sometimes when I don’t have time to eat between jobs in the afternoon, and if I don’t feel properly full after a big meal.

For my first year or so lifting and eating better, I didn’t get sick. Then I lost motivation for about nine months and ended up sick plenty of times. Right now my housemate has two ear infections and a sinus infection. I can feel myself getting sick, but I swear to god the symptoms are alleviated every time I drink down some whey. It’s been three days now and I have a tiny bit of a head cold and have partially lost my voice, but I’m nowhere close to where my housemate was for the previous three weeks.

I’m wondering if some of you on here know whether or not it’s possible that whey could boost the immune system and if so, how.

Maybe I’m wrong about this, but to me, if you find that much of an effect from protein intake, maybe you were somehow deficient in it to begin with, either that or something else in the brand of whey protein you’re taking is helping your immune system. I’m not conversant enough though to know for sure that protein intake has no effect on one’s immune system.

whey raises the body’s glutathione levels aiding in immune support