Other Activities on Same Say as Weight Trainin

Dr. Darden,

When you train someone or yourself for that matter and you want to incorporate other activities such as biking, swimming, rowing or jogging

Do you advise performing those activities on the same days as weight training or on the non weight training days


Not Dr Darden, but for me it mostly comes down to logistics, scheduling, and priorities. I play a LOT of tennis, sometimes indoors at the same facility I train in. Using last week as an example, I was scheduled to train Friday morning, and a persistent tennis friend asked to hit (no pun) that day,

I went in and trained as usual - hard and brief ~30 min, then walked directly to the courts to meet him and play. Once I shook out the pump/stiffness from the workout, the tennis was fine. However, I was very wiped out the rest of the day, and needed a rest day yesterday.

For me it is a juggling act, because being active outside of my training is very important to me - My week is a mix of lifting, walking, tennis, and stretching. I have zero potential for bodybuilding and huge size, so maybe my priorities are different than yours, but honestly I trust my body to tell me when I need a full day’s rest, then I take it usually :slight_smile:

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I recommend doing your other activities on non-training days.

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Do you think that benefits the other activities, the training, or both of them? Could there be benefit from doubling up, then taking a day or 2 of complete rest?

Prioritise. If you are doing 2 sessions in a day do the most important one first. Alternatively if one has a skill component do that first.
If training on seperate days do the priority session after the rest day.
The above means you do the priority session when freshest.

Doubling up depends on what the sports are. Suggest you review the so called interference effect.