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OTC Anti-E


I’m currently cycling 1-Test… okay, stop snickering now… and I have heard several suggestions for estrogen blockers on this board. Are any of the better working ones available over-the-counter at the local drug store? If not the more effective ones, are there any available OTC at all?

Thanks for your help!


formestane is currently available. look for dermabolics spray with 4-hydroxyandrostenedione. of course the biotest supps are all available. you don’t really have to worry about estrogen with 1-test, it doesn’t convert and the suppression of test production will lower estrogen too. in fact you will have low estrogen levels after a longer cycle of 1-test. this can contribute to low sex drive as some estrogen is needed, not alot though. clomid too might help, both during if a short cycle and after.

Thanks for the feedback!

I knew 1-Test doesn’t aromatize, but just wanted to try it in combo to see what kind of reaction I get from my body. I have heard others getting some anabolic responses with just an anti-E alone, but with the 1-Test maybe I would increase the effect. Who knows… I’m just trying to see what works for me.

Back to the Methyl-1-Test - since you know a bit about it, do you have any recommendations as far as dosing? I have tried 20mg/day for 2 weeks with decent increases. But, I’m nearly 240lbs, so I’m wondering if I can handle upwards of 40mg/day for two weeks? 40 seemed to be the upper threshold from what I have read, but I doubt those rec’s were for guys my size.

Also, do you feel it’s best to take the entire dose once a day before 9AM like Cy suggested, or split it up into AM and PM doses?

I appreciate it!


i don’tknow anything about methyl-1-test and it doesn’t appeal to me. i don’t care much for 1-test, its good,very good, just i like winny and boldenon and am using for performance enhancement. i don’t think you have to worry to much with the dose,but you can cut back if you need to. i am not sure about the half-life, so i cannot comment on dosing patterns, only if the half life is shorter than 6-7 hrs, dose 4 times a day, longer halflives like winny can be taken twice daily.