OTC Adex? Any Thoughts?

Seems like a lot of guys on here struggle with very small doses of adex. Cutting the 1mg pill in half is easy. After that it requires dissolving in liquid. Is there anything wrong with the “research” companies that sell liquid adex? If not, they would provide a simple way to get the exact dose without having to make the solution on your own.

Using “research” chemicals has a whole new set of risks.

Just buy a graduated cylinder and a plastic pipette. It’s really not that hard. Dissolve in your choice of solvent. I use water, others use vodka.

I’m certainly not suggesting these products as I have no direct knowledge of their purity and efficacy. Just seems like it’d be a good alternative IF these products are legit.

I put a 1mg tab in 10ml of vodka. I measured the 10ml’s using a 5cc syringe. I then have a solution of 0.1mg per ml. I then use a 1cc syringe to draw up what I need. I’ve been using an additional .2mg recently to try to speed up the process of driving down my E2.

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There’s no way to know unless you are a chemist with a lab. Not worth the risk IMHO.

I consider dissolving the pills to be a minor annoyance, but something I gladly deal with to feel better.

However, many have used such products for years with their E2 lab results showing great consistency and response to doses showing the expected results from Rx products.

I go to a real meathead gym because they have a full line of hammer strength machines (which are awesome for us old guys) and the young guys swear by the products they get at these research labs.

Interesting to note, that they tend to favor something called stane as their AI of choice.

That’s probably short for arimistane. I have no experience with it.

Well, if you find a reputable supplier, you are probably fine. The reputable places seem to be more expensive than just getting regular generic drugs, so not sure of the benefit.

This was just a hypothetical. I thought it could be helpful for all those having trouble making their own solutions.