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OT: skincare

Alcohol is too harsh for your skin no matter how oily it is. More you abuse it, worse your skin will become.

The product I use twice a day is Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser Oil-Free Formula, which contains salycylic acid. I use it along with the face brush to exfoliate once a day (at night most of times). I also use cleansing cream (which is oil-based) at night before I use Neutrogena to erase make up and prevent my skin from drying out too much. Then I use about 4-5 different types of lotions and moisturizers, not including retinol and sun block (men shouldn't use this many, and most of you probably wouldn't want to since it's bloody expensive). Retinol should be the basis for any good skin care IMHO. Also you should experiment because different people react differently to skin care products.

My skin's much better now that I use more non-oil based moisturizers. I used to use very drying alcohol based stuff before whenever my skin broke out, and it made my skin worse.