OT Only Cycle

So when I tried this there was very little info out there. I’m normally not a poster and prefer to just read but I thought it could be helpful to others curious about this cycle. I dropped 60mg/day for 6 wks, took Liv52 & milk thistle for the liver thing and am currently following up with 40mg/day of Nolvadex for 4 wks. I went from 210-220 lbs in about 3 wks or so but the appetite suppression made it super hard to stay up there so I just went with it and began eating less and ended up at 215 but lost about 2" in my stomach measurement and still felt notably stronger.

Aside from a very decreased appetite I noticed some moderate heartburn, general usease in my stomach, hightened anxiety which could have been due to other factors & high blood pressure (again possibly other factors). Currently I’m at 210 which is where I started and feel like I’ve retained most of my strength but my muscles definitely lack a “fullness” that I had on cycle and I’m sure I dropped a few body fat % pts. Wish I would have done a pre and post BF test. If I continued to force feed myself I’m sure I would have added at least 5 more lbs. I’d definately recommend this to anyone who wants to put on a small amount of quality muscle &/or lose some BF while retaining or making some minor gains in a relatively short time frame. Peace, out.