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OT..My Stupid Goals..& Anger


So as any of you who read my posts know, I'm into light cycles just to get a little edge in grappling/mma type training (or any speed strength sport really). Over the years I've tried many different steroids, alone, to really see how they affect performance.
Recently I started taking OT in the morning only taking 20mg Mon/Tues
30mg Wed/Thurs 40mg Fri/Sat none on sunday to see how it compares to other roids for my goals.
1) It doesn't seem to hurt my cardio. GREAT!!!
2) I'm still LOSING weight (a goal right now) carb cycling/cal cycling, doing HIIT and lifting. This is good for me as I need to get a little lighter but stay strong
3) strength is improving, not like 1g test/week but noticable. And on this diet I would normally feel very weak and lose strength.
4) my joints don't hurt. I love winny's effects but it hurts my joints.
5) no loss in testicle size yet. Shutdown has been a big issue for me in the past even with anavar.
6) no anti-e's required or used...Well
for 2 weeks I add proviron, 50-100mg/day 2-3 days/week only (weekends just to make sure sex was good hahaha)
7) I'm pumped and happy with the physique. no water retention.
8) I'm not sleepy tired. Some roids make me feel like I just wanna sleep.

And now the bad....I'm FUCKIN ANGRY...I mean, I'm in control and I'm not gonna rage. But I am heavily annoyed by everything to the point where I'm on the edge. I'm being short with people and not myself. I'm pissed cause I love this drug for my own little goals but if only it had the HAPPY effect that test has on me. But the anger is affecting me, and I am considering switching over to something else.

Just my story...Comments, Questions, Anyone else notice anger with OT??


I ran 40mgs OT ed for 4 weeks to kickstart my andropen cycle. I also ran 50mgs proviron ed. No anger,dry gains,put on 22lbs. in 10 weeks,kept 15 after pct. I LOVE OT! Have'nt heard anyone else having problems with aggression either. I used British Dragon.


Yeah, OT and Proviron are the dream run I think. I'm trying to work on relaxing and seeing the lighter side of everything.
Which I usually do and I'm usually not annoyed easily. I will see how it goes with splitting the dose throughout the day. Maybe all the OT at once causes a problem.


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