OT: Guru Meltdown

Has anyone else being watching the mental meltdown of a certain former “guru” over in a certain has-been usenet group? This is some funny shit, or it would be if it wasn’t the result of an obvious addiction to stimulants coupled with a personality disorder. Jeez, now that I think about it, it’s actually kind of sad and pitiful…

Yeah, it’s been fascinating. It’s also kinda sad, since all the people involved are persons I have developed respect for. Did you know this guy also got named in a recent Dead Pool by another magazine?

Yes, that is too bad about Paul Chek.

JD: I’ll assume that you’re joking, but just in case, we’re not talking about Paul Chek.

Who are you talking about? BP?

I’m curious to know who it is. Does his first name begin with an L and end in an E?

J.D.: Bingo. I believe the deadpool article Akicita referred to described this person as “unstable”. A fitting term…

It is most certainly sad. I witnessed the same thing occur to my mentor, Any Rand. One night I heard her voice cry out to me while I was making love to my fecal matter… she said “Mike I’m in trouble… I’m trapped in a box, 6 feet underground!.. please save me, my Atlas Mike!”… During my post-arrival at the habitat for non-pulsating sentient beings (editors note: funeral home) I encountered my threshold guardian-- I could not reach Ms. Rand with only one, maximal scoop. In fact, one scoop only seemed to dig up about 6 inches of dirt! How could this be? “Save me, save me!,” she cried… I looked around to make sure none of my Heavy-Duty followers were watching, and I scooped a total of 6 sets! But the agony paid off as I reached my destination- the box… It was very difficult to open the box in my grossly overtrained state, but nonetheless, I finally did it. I pulled her flaccid body out of there and onto the safety of my shoulder and ran back to my home. It was over dinner that I became dismayed. Ayn seemed to be falling apart… literally! What was I, the crowning achievement of sanity and rationalism, to do in this situation? I had already tried making love to her, but that didn’t seem to help… I can most certainly sympathize with the pain you feel, Akicita. Here is my mentor in a state of catatonia… Totally crazy, she was! Its all ok though now. Ayn is doing much better now. Ever since we went into the motel business she has really been blossoming! Really blossoming, indeed!-- there are even flowers growing out of her body!As my friend Dr. Scott Connely once said," every aqueous conglomeration suspended at a considerable height in the air has a lining consisting of a metallic element that has, incidentally, the highest electrical conductivity of any metal." Or as the great interviewer, Hacksaw Hawkins, put it “every cloud has a silver lining!”

Hate to admit it, but the initials are not enough for me to complete the riddle. Can you provide another hint or two?

I fail to see the big deal of just saying the guys name, what is going to come over and kick your ass? Who is it Lee Preist? I am curious.

Sure, DG. We’ll talk about it over fast food. No, not Burger King, the OTHER one.

I agree he’s a nut, although I loved how he tore PD’s speed/strength training idea to shreds.

Good one Akicita. Thanks

i wonder what went wrong with him. any ideas? we used to correspond now and then.

I know who you mean but who is PD supposed to be?

It is my buddy with a similar name for those who don’t know. I just happened to catch a quick glimpse of it, but anybody know whats going on wit dat? Does it have anything to do with um… low carbs?

What is the name of the usenet group? I’d like to read what’s going on. I’ve always been interested in what Lyle had to say.
Another guru who has received some criticism is Dr. Mel Siff. Refer to the “functional training overkill” thread on the weightsnet mailing list.

PD is the name of a writer for another webzine. A 2 word name. I think the second part of the name is a French number. Anyway, I like Dr. Siff a lot. That weightsnet thread was a laugh. But, to each his own, eh?

Well, the best guess anyone has is a bipolar cycle enetering a manic phase again. This person is not an alcohol or drug abuser (except perhaps ephedrine), and he’s recently begun eviscerating his old friends. It all started when a friend of his set him up as a practical joke, and the person became embarrassed and irate–although he denies being embarrassed; he claims it’s a reasonable reaction to being “betrayed”. He’s been ripping the industry in general, T-mag, certain standard products, people’s sincere questions, etc. I don’t want his likely discovery of this conversation to further taint the newsgroup where we discuss other matter freely, though, but it is an interesting matter. Maybe he’ll share a room with Bill P. during counseling someday.

I’m friends with the guy in question, and
am shall we say all too familiar with the
individual he feels betrayed by. Indeed,
on one occasion I even held that betrayer up from falling
face first on the table and drowning in
his own vomit (he was grossly overdosed from GHB), so one
certainly can’t say that I didn’t get to
know him. I had many opportunities and
on very close levels, and I’m not favorably impressed.

I’m not familiar with the particulars of
this embrogilio, but the guy who is pissed
off is a good guy and probably has good