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OT: Girth Measurements


[quote] Brook wrote:

However BB is often ‘accused’ of being a negative past-time as it can affect your whole life - food, sleep, social time, training, work… everything can revolve around the activity for some.
This is due to it being in nature a sport of vanity.

However anyone who is close to the sport, knows this is simply due to it being a show sport, and the thoughts inside a BB’s head when posing (in private or otherwise) are far from one’s of vanity (for myself at least).

Thank you for that insight.
We can find vanity in all walks of life. Even religious people can and often are guilty of vainglory in their self-righteousness. I think you can tell the people who do whatever they do for vanity and those who do out of passion. That is why Serge Nubret impresses me much: He was passionate about BB and saw it AS A SPORT. I respect him.

Just interesting comment on your first point on BB being a negative past time affecting all one’s life.
So does career: High ‘achievers’, men and women who are careerists sacrifice their health, take drugs to perform better, longer hours of work/study, sacrifice their sleep, eating habits, sacrifice their partners, family and sacrifice their children…all in the name of money and glory ( status in society ).

Is that not vanity also?

Society is so hypocritical. Then wonder why people end up turning to drugs to scape reality.

I agree with BenceJones, AAS could be the least evil of all addictions ( food addiction/obesity included ). Also considering young women are on hormonal drugs from the onset of menstruation, but that is ok because society and the government says so.

Bodybuilding could be a fantastic hobby/addiction in moderation. Unfortunately another ugly aspect of it is that the sportsmen and women going into it are exploited by supplement companies selling hope through lies.

It really ends up not having anything going for it since it is the image of lies, abuse and manipulation.

And that is how most institutions operate including charities, but they get away with it then use other aspects of life like BB, steroid use as scapegoats, as the vice whilst they represent the virtue in society.

Worst drug in the world is to be addicted to guidance from the authority figures that attempt to rule the world.

Don’t be a sheep.


You and i share a great deal of the same beliefs politically it seems.


Or socially… :confused: