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OT/Dbol Cycle

Ok I know no one recommends oral cycles but what are your opinions on the following cycle:

Beginner Cycle

Week 1-6 50 mg Oral Turinabol
Week 1-6 50 mg Dbol
(25 mg if sensitive to Dbol)

I was also thinking that the person could throw in Week 1-3 Dbol, Week 4-6 Winny.

Arimadex .25mg EOD for 6 weeks of Dbol
Clomid for PCT

Let me know your opinions.

Gain looking for: 10-15lbs
Stats: 5’7" 175lbs 13% BF 27yrs old

isnt turinabol very similiar to d-bol?

yes but your supposed to get more solid gains from it than, dbol. less water retention. supposedly less toxic also.

I think what p-dog was saying is that you shouldn’t stack them at the same time for best results.
Test 750mg/week 1 500mg/week after that + dbol 50mg/day weeks 1-3
Test 500mg/week + turinabol 75mg/day weeks 4-6

Whose OT do you have, RSOC or IP?


IP. I read pdog’s reply early this morning. I see what both of you are saying. It was a pretty stupid post. Basically I’m looking for a suggestion for an all oral cycle. The sticks are out for the guy that I’m trying to help out. Personally no sticks doesn’t seem worth it to me. Thanks for the reply and any advice I appreciate it.

Anadrol and Winny is a good oral stack. Maybe D-ball and Winny. No longer than 6-8 weeks though. Use Clomid also.

Colt is right in that winny goes good with everything. For oral only I would say any of these combos would be good
Using what you have and adding either win and anavar
var and dbol
var and OT
winny and d
winny and ot
So maybe 3 weeks on D/Win and 3 on OT/Win


I think what I’ll do is have the guy do:

2 different cycles (thats how many cycles he wants to do)


Week 1-6 25-50 mg Dbol ED
Week 1-6 50 mg Winny ED
PCT Clomid


Week 1-3 50mg Anadrol ED
Week 4-6 50mg Dbol ED
Week 1-6 50mg Winny ED
PCT Clomid

Also make sure he takes milk thistle. 6-8 caps per day.

Thanks for the input Tmen.