OT and Soreness

I have a question concerning wether or not one can experience an overtrained condition without feeling soreness or fatigue in the muscles. Also does a noticable drop in strength over a few training sessions mean overtraining or just a “bad” week for the lifter. I am concerned I may be overtrained. I’ve been doing alot of clean-pulls and snatch-pulls not to mention cleans and snatchs all above 90% everyday for the last week or so and have just now started to notice alot of loss of strength in my pulling ability. Should I cut my training frequency down? Or should I wait this out and see if things get better?

I’ve same situation before. When my body’s condition is not so good, and i try to use a very advanced program (eg. QD), and my diet is not giving me enough nutrient to recover. i feel extremely exhausted just after a few workouts(but not soreness). i can get into deep sleep extremely easily. when i get enough rest, i can train hard again. so i think you should monitor and adjust your diet and rest time first. that may help you. your body will give you signals when you overtrained. listen to your body.

learn to maipulate your training intensity/volume if you want to train heavy and frequently…