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Osu122975 Training Log


Bench paused every rep up to 275x3. High rep pump work afterwards. Right shoulder extremely aggravated. Taking the rest of the week off. Reset on Monday.


Squat worked up to 2 sets of 10 @ 250. Added in a little bit of abdominal and bicep work.

Everything has been heavy, heavy, heavy and the body is starting to complain and not make progress. Gonna make some intensity changes and see what happens.


Bench triples raw 205/225/245/275/295/315.

Did a little bit of rotator work and curls afterwards. Feels like my shoulder issue is stemming more from the upper bicep tendon where it connects to the shoulder. Maybe a little tendonitis?


Deads: triples with stiff bar reps paused just below knee 225,245,275,295,315,335,365,385,405. Abs/bicep work after.

Bench: raw pause doubles 205,225,245,265,285,305,325,345. Grip work after.


Squat: triples @ 275/295/315/335/365/385/405/425 raw


Bench: triples at 185/225/275/315/335 raw. Minor accessory work after.


Squat worked up to 425x3x3 raw.

Bench worked up to 315x2x3 365x1 raw then slingshot work 315 for 2 sets of 10. Shoulder is highly aggravated at this point. Light pressing if any at all, ice and retraction work until this thing heals. Can’t train thru it anymore.


Hate that for you man, hope you get it figured out


Deadlift 315x5 singles, 365x3 singles, 405x2 singles, 455x1 single

Just worked on setup and speed of the pull.


No training. Rehabbing upper bicep tendinitis. Had some Graston done to my pec and bicep on my right arm. Also some electric pulse pad thingy(don’t really believe it will do much so I don’t plan on continuing that.). Ordered the Donny Thompson bowtie. Might try and sleep with it on if possible. Also doing 30 min of ice/day and started in on some bicep tendinitis exercises/stretches.

Right shoulder irritates me on squat and bench. 135lbs with Maddog slingshot for 2 reps had me in severe pain on Tuesday. I plan on just rehabbing this shoulder for a month and go from there. Trying to be smart. Gonna have to learn to train smarter.

Training from now on will probably emulate an agonist/antagonist method. I typically stuck mostly with the competition lifts but an obvious change is needed. Intensity will be lower most of the time with the intent on building some muscle and feeling better/good from the training. Once a month I’ll see about hitting a heavy single but nothing anything near max for normal training. I have an 8 week competition prep cycle in mind that I will try once things get better and I find a meet I’m healthy enough to do.

I can say this: listen to your body. Do NOT go heavy week in and week out


I’m sorry to hear about the bicep. I hope you get it cleared up quickly.

How do you plan to use the agonist/ antagonist method? Are you gonna be like a strong bodybuilder?


Yea I’m hoping its tendinitis but leaning more towards a shoulder injury. Looking at getting an MRI done hopefully soon.

I still wanna powerlift and compete but I need to start moving my body in different planes. So basically any push movement will have a pull movement that emulates the push movement on that same plane.


Well, I have an appt with a shoulder specialist middle of OCT. Xrays(which show nothing of my issues) are showing slight degeneration(typical) and possible arthritis(typical) of which neither bother me or are part of the problem(I’m 42).

Been doing nothing but bodybuilding stuff. Incline stuff seems to be ok. Can’t go superheavy but can hit reps. Tried 3-board press to do some tricep work with 135 and got 2-3 reps in and quit. Couldn’t take it so flat bench of any kind and decline(tried dips) are a definite no go. Rotators are ok. I’m am betting money on a torn labrum.

So until I find out more(PT or MRI) it’ll be bodybuilding from now on. I do have to say that I am enjoying just coming in and doing a crap ton of work and getting a pump. Looking to do a push/pull/legs split.

I have to say I haven’t enjoyed the last 2 yrs of powerlifting training. Beat up all the time. Stiff and joints suck. I’m a mechanic so work can get pretty miserable being on my feet 40hrs a week and 56hrs if I work the OT. So I’m at a crossroad of what the future holds. If I have my way, gonna keep pushing bodybuilding and stick with variations of the competition lifts(hopefully be able to bench press again) and if I find a meet I wanna do I’ll take 4-6 weeks and hit nothing but heavy singles in preparation for it. Go into it without any expectation and have fun with it.

To be honest, the injury might be a blessing in disguise.


What’s up man? Any progress to report?


Funny you ask…just got the results of the MRI yesterday.

Torn supra spinatus, torn upper bicep tendon and slap tear to the labrum. Pretty much a mess.

Don’t have a surgery date at this point. Waiting til after the first of the year to plan anything.

Thanks for asking. Til then, I’ll do what I can until I can’t.


Damn dude! It sounds like your arm was about to fall off! I’m sorry to hear there was so much damage, I was hoping it was way less serious.


The shoulder specialist said he was a little confused I had good range of motion without pain and that the amount of muscle in the shoulder is compensating for the injury.

Thanks for asking tho.


It’s amazing what simply being strong can do for the body.