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Osu122975 Training Log

Back at it after USPF Nationals in WV on June 2nd.

This past week went raw in the squat doing doubles going quarter/plate jumps up to 465. Used a narrower stance than usual to get a little more quad work in.

Two bench sessions this week also. First session worked up to 275x5x5 in a worn out Titan Ram single ply slingshot. Testing out my right shoulder that has massive scar tissue buildup that I’ve been trying to get rid of. Started using a lacrosse ball to get rid of the scar tissue.

Second session was quarter plate jumps at 275/315/365/405/315 using various slingshots. Lots of extra band work for reps after each workout. I really like using bands for accessory work.

This week was just a feeler week trying to get back into it. The main “offseason” work will start Monday. Time to get back into shape!


Will be following. Thanks for logging.

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Squat training today. Got a real nasty sunburn on my back, shoulders and neck so catalog this as dumb crap I do to get a squat workout in.

Worked 5s today at 330/380/420. I wanted 2 more sets of 5 but the sunburn was not having it. Hit the reverse hyper for a couple sets of 25 and some heavy band shrugs for a couple sets of 20.

Short workout but got in some work.

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Bench 5x5 various slingshots. 5s @ 275-315-365 and two sets of 405. Tons of bodybuilding high rep stuff afterwards. Good workout! Shoulder felt good. Continuing with the lacrosse ball after each workout.

That burn looks worse than I imagined!

It was pretty bad. It had a bunch of little tiny blisters all over.

Squat did 5’s at 260/330/350/400 but got to 460 and did 2. Back was just too tight to do 5. Shut it down there. No accessories. Just one of those days.

Pulls sucked today. Back was still tight from Monday. Just pulled a gob of singles at 405. Heavy lat pulls and weighted GHR’s.

Bench went bar x 20 135x10 185x5 225x5 275x10 raw then threw on the Magnum and did 315x5 365x10. Incline bench went 135x10 185x10 225x8 and lat pulls at 120x5 150x5 180x10. Nothing exciting. Just work.

Squat worked up to 465x1 raw. Reverse hypers 3x12. GHR’s 3x10. Banded ab pulldowns 2x25 Seated shrugs 2x20.

Bench worked up to 465x1 in the Magnum.
Flat db press 3x15
Rolling tricep ext 3x15
Shoulder superset front/lateral/rear raises x 15 ea
Lat pulldowns 3x15

Deadlift worked up to 495x1
Pin pulls just below knee conventional 5x5
Reverse hyper 2x12
GHR 2x10
Abs pulldowns bands 2x25 2x10(heavier)
Deficit pull 315x11 - did this at the end

Bench worked up to 465 in the Magnum. Missed 510. Singles have beat me up. Time to get back to reps.

Added in 300 reps on the triceps between Tate Presses, Banded pushdowns and cable pushdowns. Smoked 'em. Tired of missing benches at lockout. Did a few sets of 10 with kb’s and a bambo bar on the bench. Did a few sets of banded pec dec’s and some grip work.

Squat worked up to 400x5. Also did 100 reps on the reverse hyper with 100lbs = nice little back pump. Light day today.

Bench worked up to 295x5 raw. Pulldowns at 120 reps. Grip work and some banded pec work.

Deadlift worked 5s at 225/275/315/365/405 then added straps at 455 and 500. Added in some banded abs and grip work at the end.

Bench 5s @ 225-275 then added Magnum 315-365-405 then 455x3. Added in the normal amount of upper body work afterwards.

Squat 5s @ 235/325/375/415/465 and then 505x3. Easily had 5 but the bar started to roll and couldn’t get it back in position. Definitely gotta fix that as it seems to happen with the heavier weight for reps. Added in a bunch of rows to help build that shelf.

Bench 10s @ 135/185/225/275/315/365. Threw on the Magnum on the last two sets. Added in upper body work and grip work.

Deadlift only worked up to 405x5 and did some accessory work.

Bench worked up to 455x3 again in the Magnum then a drop set of 315x22. Added in some grip and ab work.

Squat worked up to 506 for 3. Triples all the way up. No assistance work.