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Ostrich Eggs


Has Anyone ever eaten one of these? I snapped this at a produce stand outside of Escondido CA this morning when I was picking up some oranges (Ostrich farm was nearby). I was tempted to get one but for $22 bucks I decided against it before I got some feedback.

The lady at the stand said one of these bad boys is about 2 dozen eggs worth all by itself. Crazy. They were selling Emu eggs as well, for $16.


That is fuckin' bad-ass.


NOM NOM NOM. Imagine cracking that b-i-t-c-h! (For the 13-17 year olds had to spell it out, they won't know what it means)


drooooooool, me like eats. Just imagine the egg farts that bad boy will produce, it might just clear out a small city.


how much protein?


Epic fucking egg. I'd buy a carton.


2 dozen eggs for a few bucks or one ostrich egg for 22 bucks... hmm...


Yeah that's what I was thinking too. It got to the point where I wanted to try it for the novelty of it.


Do it!


Was this a farmers market? I would love to try one but i have never seen them at the farmers market here in Del Mar


Definately do it.

And snap pictures as you make a huge omelette. It'll probably taste different to a chicken egg.


My dad used to buy one of those just for the heck of it. I remembered him having to use a saw to crack it open lol



Less Straud is the real deal. That guy is awsome.


Say no to emo eggs.