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Ostrich and Other 'Exotic' Meats


Has anyone tried this? Is it tasty? I found this "unusual meat" place that sells it at a local farmer's market and I really want to try it.

Also, they sell water buffalo meat - I've never buffalo (first time ever I've even seen it sold here in London. What's it like? Tasty, nutritional?

Finally, Bison meat - how's this different from buffalo meat? The confusion arises from the interchangable term that people were using in Yellowstone Natinoal Park (some called em bison, some called em buffalo ...)


Here in Egypt you can get Camel meat but i've never tried that, buffalo sounds cool tho.


I've had donkey meat,crocodile meat and kangaroo meat.All pretty nice,particularly crocodile.


Water buffalo are very different from buffalo/bison. Buffalo/bison are the large hairy animals found in the United States. Water buffalo are found in Asia, South America, and Africa.

I have never had water buffalo, but I eat buffalo/bison regularly. It is great. A red meat that is significantly leaner than beef so don't overcook it. The same goes for ostrich. I'm doing this off the top of my head, but if I remember right ostrich has almost no fat so it can get dry if you cook it too much.



Croc meat is tasty, Buffalo meat is daaaamn good

Dog isn't all it's cracked up to be (Korea)


I've too never buffalo.


ostrich is good, just not worth the $10/lb I paid.

We usually do buffalo a few weeks out of the month. $4.99 lb which is usually cheaper than 90/10 beef


Thanks for the tip. I'm going to buy a steak each and try them. Now that I come to think of it, I've been around water buffalo as well as buffalo/bison. Looking forward to ostrich/buffalo meat.

Is it quite a common meat up there? Here in England I don't think we even have bison, but I could be wrong.


I assume alligator tastes the same as crocodile, which would be good.
I am a big fan of buffalo, kosher meat seems to taste better (I think it has to do with the cuts used).
Did not like ostrich the time I tried it.


Funny how conditioning/psych plays such a role in what we consider cool/disgusting.

For some reason I couldn't bring myself to eat dog meat, horse meat even though I can imagine that it has the potential to taste awesome. Perhaps one day ...

For now, ostrich/buffalo will do.


Anything particular about the ostrich you didn't like? Strong taste etc? Toughness?



Bison is more common in the northern United States (Montana, North & South Dakota) because that is where they are raised. It is starting to become more common here in the south (Texas). Ground bison and bison steaks are showing up in more and more stores.


Don't know if you would call it meat, but i hear crickets have 20g of protein, i'm pretty sure i could choke down 10 a day for 200g of protein?


If this is anywhere near the truth and you aren't pulling my leg, I'm going cricket hunting tonight.


20 grams of protein per hundred gram serving, its about the same as most meats, it's not per cricket, one cricket doesn't weigh 100 g let alone 20 g.


This made me LOL, no idea why.

Buffalo meat is damn good. If you have a Whole Foods near by they carry ground buffalo, and 1 or 2 cuts of buffalo steak.


Yeah wasn't too impressed with ostrich too.

Other exotic cuts I've enjoyed kangaroo, horse, bison and venison.


Valid point..


ostrich=all time favorite



kangaroo - not impressed. I once asked an Australian about it, he said we don't eat it, we sell it to foreigners.

alligator - a bit dry, but it was on a pizza, they probably didn't know how to prepare it correctly.

bison/buffalo - very good stuff, I don't think it's much different to steak.

horse - could eat this every day

I'm guessing with ostrich, if you could get the thigh, it would be pretty good. The breast, a bit dry.