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What is an Osteopath and what sort of methods do they use?.

An osteopath (DO) is a physician that is training not only in traditional western medicine (like most MDs), but learns about holistic care including spinal adjustments. A very simplified way to describe a DO is that it is a cross between an MD and a DC (chiropractor), but that is not really the best example. DO’s can prescribe meds, work in hospitals, are considered primary care physicians and are also considered equivalent with MD when it comes to insurance matters. In general, DO’s will try to get to the root of your problem and not just give you painkillers and tell you to get some rest. Also, there hands are not tied as tightly by insurance as compared to DC’s. I think that DC’s in general are better equipped to handle neuromuscular problems, but DO’s do a good job also. Anyway, if you are having a nagging problem and and MD can’t help you, try a DO.