Osteopath As A Coach?

Hi, I wanted to have your opinions about something.

I want to be a personal trainer, now right now I don’t have the possibility of doing a exercise science diploma for various reasons but I have the chance of having a Osteopathic diploma.

2 questions: First, Do you think having a osteopathic diploma is of big help, a plus to be a strength coach? Keep in mind that I am from Canada so osteopath in Canada are now the same as in the US.

Second, Do you need university diploma at all? Would you respect a personal trainer with just a Can-Fit-Pro certification? I would of course continue to study and take other certification but not a university diploma.

Because sometimes I feel that because I don’t a degree in exercise science I won’t be taken seriously or won’t have any respect. Maybe you could help me on this.


If I were to be seeking out a strength and conditioning coach or some sort of trainer, all I’d look for is somebody who has good success with athletes or principles work for me.

I wouldn’t put much into a degree or certification for the most part. Some of the certs and degrees out there are taught ass backwards. Depends on the program for the degree as well.

Do you mean osteopath D.O.? Hell yeah, I’d take that!

I think your qualification will do nothing but help you. I have a degree in psychology and make sure I mention it in every piece of advertising I do.

It doesn’t hurt to have qualifications.

good luck paying back your osteopathic medical school loans on a personal trainer’s income… anyway I don’t think a D.O. is all that relevant to fitness instruction

Thanks folks, I guess that preaty much any certification is good for becauming a trainer, it is not like becauming a plumber or electrician where you have to go to a specific school for that. Lots of thing to think about…thanks again