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Osteitis Pubis

Goodbye squats, deadlifts, gridiron, and indoor soccer… For how long I don’t know - I’m having an X-ray tomorrow. What I do know is that my case is pretty advanced. I was stupid enough to push through the post-exercise pain for quite a few months - I love my gridiron and soccer and didn’t want to have to stop for something I thought I could play through. Now I have to suck it up and rest. Its a bitch of a problem, that’s for sure (see www.physsportsmed.com/issues/ 2001/07_01/vitanzo.htm). In the meantime, I’m going to have to decide how I approach my training considering I’m restricted to upper-body movements, some isolation leg exercises, and maybe some boxing and stationary cycling. Any suggestions, hints, or similar experiences?

Bump for any training ideas.