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Ostarine + S4 Week One Results


Howdy all,

Thought I'd post a few results from the end of Week One, of my mice having been administered S4 and Ostarine.

As a bit of background my mice are older, have been administered AAS and the appropriate PCT, for many years (ie: Test C, Sustanon, Deca, Dbol, Nolva, HCG). They were competitive throughout their younger mice years and now, 10 years since their competitive days, the research was purposed to discover if Ostarine and S4 would regenerate/normalize an elderly "system" within the test subject(s).

The mice are still active in the rat-gym 4 to 5 days a week, and are coming off of about a 3 week layoff. Their joints are constantly & incredibly stiff and achy and they have very little libido, (Hey, their median age is "49" in mice years, cut them a break!! :wink:. The researcher didn't really expect any worthwhile affects upon the elderly mice, but decided to give the ole bastards a shot!

So, a dosage of 25/50-75 ed is being administered, 5 on 2 off. The Ostarine upon waking and the S4 is split into two doses a day - in AM w/ Ostarine and at night before sleep. And yes, they looked as if they drank nasty garlic motor-oil!!! Horrid! The only change to their diet is two extra servings of a high grade protein and to make sure they stayed properly hydrated daily. (And no mice-alcohol!)

End of week 1 (5 days of 25/50-75):

1) The mice appeared to have had a slight, but noticeable increase in appetite;
2) The 4 mice workouts in Week One; they seemed to have much less achy joints;
3) Hmmm .. I'll be dammed, but the little critters have a substantial increase in libido!!! Their mice-wives are quite happy to awaken to wood every morning!;
3) The most surprising "holy shit" affect is, and the researcher is quite baffled by this, but the mice are sleeping SO SO SO much better and deeper and vividly! Why ... ???? They aren't complaining at all! Just wondering why???

  • To all observations and tests of the researcher (light and dark tests included), no side affects have emerged at this point. *

Looking forward to Week Two and how the mice fare in the ongoing experiment. :slight_smile:



Haha, yeah I'm starting a cycle of s4 in january, not my mice. Is your vascularity changing? I noticed that the first time i used them.


Keep us up to date.


Love this.
Ostarine is very very interesting stuff. Your observations will definitely be watched. Best of luck!


Any more results to report?


Indeed....what's been happening OP?
Lack of follow-up tends to make me believe that it stopped working, or unwanted side effects began to dominate. Any info here would be very useful!


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