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Ostarine Post Cycle Help

Well, I took ostarine after reading a bunch of old articles and stuff all saying how awesome it was.

I did 25/mg a day for 4 weeks, nothing for 5 weeks, then started it back up again for 1 week (was gonna do 4 weeks again).

Before i started back up again I got my testosterone tested, and today it came back as total 167 L (normal range 250-1100) and FREE 36.4 (normal 35-155).

I have read that I should take “12.5mg clomid EOD and 5mg nolvadex EOD, alternated” to recover, but I don’t know where to buy it, or if that is good advice. Just hoping to get my shit back to normal, but I really have no experience at all and probably was way over my head taking that.

Tbh chances are ypu had a pre existing issue with your T because 4 weeks of osta 25mg really isnt that suppressive a cycle