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Ostarine Only Cycle

I am starting a Ostarine only cycle soon and I’m just wondering if anyone is interested in a log? My english isn’t the best since I’m from Sweden but I’ll figure it out.

Im doing 20mg ostarine per day for 4 weeks. Then 20mg nolva for 3 weeks as pct.

Currently at 158 lbs with pretty low bodyfat, 5 ft 9 in length.

Let me know if you’re interested.

enjoy no gains. it won’t do what you want it to do.

Consider this: if a drug is only effective for 4 weeks, and the recovery time after, when the drug is out of your system, and your hormonal levels have tanked, is a similar period of time, do you really believe it’s possible to make enough gains in that initial 4 week period that can be sustained through recovery? It’s not. Fortunately for you, ostarine doesn’t really do anything in the first place. So you’ll actually be fine.

Then what do you recomend as my first cycle? And I have seen many logs of people actually getting gains from ostarine though? What if I go 8 weeks on ostarine?

Eight weeks of Ostarine will not give you much, but you’ll still have to do a proper pct, then take eight weeks of time off. That seems like a lot of effort for nothing. I recommend eight weeks of a perfect diet with more intense training than you’ve ever engaged in. Push harder than you even knew you could. I’ll bet you’ll be pretty impressed by what you look like at the end of that eight week non-cycle. If you’re thinking about junk like Ostarine then you’re legitimately not ready to jump in the deep end. I mean no disrespect by that. Truly. I had to do a lot of research before I was convinced that the whole SARM craze is a bad way to spend my money.

I just don’t think ostarine gives you enough bang for your buck to be worthwhile, given recovery time. It’s the same issue I have with underdosed steroid cycles. You can’t just make gains while on cycle. You have to make sufficient gains to overcome the recovery period, where you will lose a percentage of your gains. An ostarine cycle isn’t likely to leave you in a better place 4 months from the start. That’s a problem to me.

I’m also not a believer in SARMS in general. I’ve never seen an advanced lifter who isn’t tied to a supplement company claiming significant gains from them. I didn’t see any results when I ran ostarine.

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