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Ostarine Log

Started a cycle of ostarine 20mg with some t3 30 mcg
taking DHEA for testosterone boost plus a a lot of vitamins.
I would take test but I might be drug tested soon.

I’ve taken t3 before, it’s done wonders, barely any sides.
Ostarine I have not done.

been training 5 years, 2 seriously. Done cycles of AAS.
Stats 191-197 depending on time of day. bf is 14%?

Things I’ve noticed about Ostarine:

  1. The taste. OMG, it is next level bitter. I’ve had nasty protein shakes, I’ve eaten raw spinach and downed wheatgrass shots. This stuff is BITTER. It’s hilariously bitter, I mix it with water and take a swig and think oh that’s not that bad I must’ve been over dramatic yesterday. Then BAM your next swig dick slaps you across the face. You can’t get rid of the taste, it’s in your mouth all day.
  2. I am craving fruit. I usually crave chocolate on a diet, but I am craving pineapple and oranges and apples. I went to the store and bought fruit and have sense eaten 5 apples today. weird. I cut out my complex carbs, like rice for the fruit. (any reason for that bill roberts?)
  3. My stomach really hurts. I feel stronger in the gym but fatigued. Not tired, but everything feels heavier…but I can lift more. It’s bizarre. I’ve decided to add a couple of tums to my vitamins at night to see if that helps. I don’t take DBol for the same reason; it kills my stomach, I would actually take it if they made injectable. If the calcium tabs don’t help my stomach I might start a round of GHRP-6 (4iu) to help me get hungry, because besides fruit I haven’t eaten anything today. Meat feels like sand paper in my mouth. wish I had some EQ.

only been taking it for 3 days. Will keep this thread updated.

how much DHEA are you taking?

50 mg in the morning, 50 mg in the afternoon. it’s fantastic.
cheap, keeps my dick up without a huge libido. it’s like a cheap proviron.

day 5
My appetite is gone. I feel like I’ve taken adderral or vyvanse or something, everything tastes the same. I don’t know if it’s the t3 or the MK 2866. My guess is the MK

Went to the gym today to do legs. I couldn’t lift heavy. 225 squat felt like 315. did 5 sets of 15.
I was there for only an hour but I felt like I ran a marathon. My breathing was so insanely heavy that People stopped and stared like I was being over dramatic. I left early as I felt dizzy.
I am taking a preworkout mix of Hemovol with coffee. stack that with 1000 mg niacin, 3 grams glutamine, a nitric oxide pill and a thermo stimulant.

usually that mix of pre workout makes me breathe heavy enough as it is. I may have to cut a lot of that out. My guess is my blood pressure was way too high.

The thermo already cuts my appetite. I’ll probably cut that first before I cut the MK 2866.

Does anyone else have trouble with appetite with ostarine?

It’s the morning of the 6th day.
I can’t sleep. I ended up going to bed at 5 a.m.
This morning when I took a shower I looked in the mirror and noticed my nipples. They were a bit, I don’t want to say puffy, but more noticeable. I’m not gyno prone, maybe it’s all in my head.

I’m discontinuing the Ostarine today to see if that’s what is giving me these sides.

Will continue to update.

i’ve only used Ostarine once, but i never got sides like that.

the DHEA could be converting to estrogen, but like you said, could just be in your head.

T3 makes some people really tired… i have a friend who can’t take any dose of it without wiping him out.

Just thought I’d chime in here b/c you were wondering about appetite. Just started my second week of Osta at 30mg p/day. (I’m doing caps b/c I couldn’t find any research or opinion that indicated if drops were better than caps, so I opted for caps b/c I really didn’t want to choke down the liquid). So far, nothing major to report; however, last week I did wonder if it was affecting my appetite.

For the last 4 months or so I’ve been around 3,500-4,000 cals p/day (85% clean with some dirty bulking in there as well) but my goal with Osta was to get down to around 8% BF (right now I’m 196 at 12%). So, I started to drop my calories and it’s been much easier to do than my cutting cycles in the past. The only time I’m really hungry is post-workout. So things are a bit…off…in that regard.

I have noticed an increase in my pumps tho…which is pretty cool.

I also cut back on strength-focused supps like creatine b/c I wanted to run the Osta alone to see if it lived up to the hype. But 8 days is hardly enough time to report anything.

Good luck, man.

To be clear I forgot to mention that was going to build up to 20 mg of Osta. I only was taking 10 mg for the first few days.

It is mid day and man I feel sooooo much better. My appetite is back, I’m starving!
I feel a bit exhausted, but I’m guessing that’s good. I can get to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight.

t3 works WONDERS for me. I’ve gone up to 40 mcg and not gotten a single side effect ever. I can’t take clen even at 5 mcg without feeling like garbage. for me t3 is a god send.

I think I’m done with the Ostarine. I just can’t handle it. I read great things about it online. I still have no clue how it works despite looking for research and studies, which is quite infuriating.
This was one of the worst PED’s I’ve ever used.

I would not reccomend spending your money on it. You’re probably better off with a pro hormone or test booster to be honest.