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Ostarine Info?


Hi guys,

I was hoping that someone in here could shed some light on the drug Ostarine S-1.

Ive heard lots of great things about it, but it sounds to good to be true.

Decent gains and no side effects.

Is there anyone here that has some reliable sources covering the usage of this drug in detail or maybe you got personal experiences you'd like to share?





The latest I believe.


Well, that seems less-than-promising.


I would disagree... The dose they used was 3mg! The typical dose ive seen on other boards has been 25-40mg split into two doses per day. also the subjects did not lift weights or follow what we consider a good diet (high protein, healthy fats, slow digesting carbs etc...) yet still gained muscle and lost body fat


Hey, Ive done both ostarine and s4..

If you look hard enough s4 is super cheap these days, i just ordered another two bottles.

Ostarine gave me noticeable strength gains with a little bit of size with no side effects at all.

s4 there are a little vision problems...i noticed it the most when your outside and you walk inside, almost blind...nothing major just dont dose it to high

To be honest, after taking both of them....not to sure which one i like more...vascularity is great on s4.




I dosed the s4 at 50mg per day.....ostarine is started at 25mg per day...i think i moved up to 50mg...cant reemmber but ostarine as 25mg/day is good enough.


Very interesting RugbyKid.
Can you elaborate on "no side effects" with ostarine? I think the main issue with the SARMS is that the purported intent of increasing anabolism without effecting natural androgen production has been a little disappointing...namely they (SARMS) appear to cause down regulation of natural T production almost as bad as with good ol test itself.
I'm really considering trying some of this myself but paying attention to my T levels via bloodwork. But I'm very skeptical of this stuff...I just don't think there is enough study out there with regards to other side effects. I'm not normally squeamish on trying things, but when it comes to really new stuff, I am.


I wouldn't worry about test shutdown with s4 at 50mg per day...People have done blood work and came back with no change in levels...now if you dosed it at 150mg+/day I'm sure the vision sides would be horrible and it could mess with your hormones....

When i was on ostarine, there were no vision problems at all..I felt strength gains and a little fat loss. You should try it out


I guess I haven't seen this. I've seen studies where SARMS DO lower natural test.
I suppose, like everything, one has to check it out for themselves and do their own measurements (studies and other people results don't always translate to one's own unfortunately).
Interesting nonetheless. Thanks for your feedback.


kinda funny when the studies were done using 1-3 mg of ostarine daily with positive results and people are doing 150 mg a day cycles


wtf? 150mg osta a day? the most i've ever seen, even at Pro Muscle, was 60mg per day.

are you sure it wasnt 150mg S4?


I've heard of many people run osta at 50mg..i started at 12.5 then 25 then last 2 weeks at 50.

Yes people do ramp up the s4 to 150mg..pointles i find.


both are great but Ostarine over S4 any day

30mg ostarine and 75mg s4 for 6 weeks is just awesome


True that...i just ordered the s4 because i got it super cheap


Question for you guys. I got a cheap bottle of ostarine and it's cloudy, looks like lots of flakes of precipitate. If you shake it good and hard to mix it up, it looks like one of those little round glass snowman toys with snow swirling around inside. I read somewhere that others' bottles of ostarine are clear. I just want to know I got the real deal before I start doing this stuff. Any advice re. this much appreciated.


My ostarine is white...Almost looks like.....Yeah lol

Just give it a good shake, should be good


Thanks, man--much appreciated. Will do.


Mine also was white and thick and came with a small metal ball inside to help break it up.