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Ostarine Cycle


Hey guys I have a few questions about starting my Ostarine cycle. I am relatively new to the cycle world. I took one PH cycle when I was 17 and saw pretty good gains but haven't touched the stuff since and im 23 now. For the past few years I have been pretty dedicated to working out, but I want to change it up and try Ostarine out. I have done a good amount of reading and it seems between Ostarine and S4, Osstarine takes the win due to the S4 side effect dealing with loss of night vision.

The bottle says 50mg/ml, 30 ml. Does this mean per squirt I am receiving 50mg, assuming that each squirt is 1 ml?
If true, then this cycle will last me 30 days, is that enough time to see results or should I run this for 8 weeks?
Also, I have read that the average dosage is 25mg a day. Some people have been taking 25mg in the morning and others 12.5 in the morning and 12.5 pre-workout. Any advice on that?

Please feel free to give me your corrective criticism seeing as I am unfamiliar with this product.

Thanks for the help


Buy test instead


I'm trying to stay away from injection


injectable testosterone is the safest anabolic steroid you could use most orals are pretty hard on the liver granted I don't know a whole lot about sarms and there isn't that much info on the long term side effects since its such a new technology. just be safe and run some test