Ostarine/Cardarine Stack 8-10 Week Log

Hey guys, going to be logging my Ostarine/20mg and Cardarine 20/mg stack with clomid 50/25/25/25 pct! Finally found a reputable source, started yesterday. So far no noticeable effects, will update atleast every few days.

This is my second “cycle”, first was test e 500mg/10wks. I chose sarms because I don’t want to run an oral only cycle, as they would shut me down way worse than just osta, and I am in college so pinning would be sketchy at best. Most likely going to run an actual cycle in 4 months during summer, as that way I can actually inject compounds without fear of being caught! Was thinking something like eq/var/test? Most likely no tren since that would wreck my cardio.

Feel free to reply to this thread with questions/concerns, I will answer them as soon as I’m able.

Also was wondering, I heard some stuff about since ostarine has such a high affinity to attaching to the androgen receptor, that your test will be unable to and therefore much more of your natty test will convert to estrogen, causing possible gyno? Just wondering if an AI or nolva would be necessary, since while I’m not gyno prone, I would rather be safe than sorry. I do have adex on hand.

Good to see more logs on SARMS. I’m interested in seeing how viable they are as alternatives, or adjuncts to AAS.

I haven’t heard of nolva being necessary on an ostarine cycle, but I know its somewhat suppressive of the hpta, and that you are supposed to do a PCT. You should have nolva at the very least for after the cycle.

You’re aware cardarine at HED of like 10mg/day or something (in rodents) has been shown to sour development and rapid growth or cancerous tumours hence why clinical development of the drug was pulled… Ostarine… Whether it’s safe or not, probably has similar risks to that of anabolics, the doses we see used in clinical trials tend to be in the 1-3mg/day range. Whether or not it attaches to the AR is cardiac myocytes and the amygdala will determine whether it’s worth taking or not (to me at least), what’s also important (and what we don’t know) is the specifics in which ostarine (and other sarms) effect gene expression, are they significantly carcinogenic? Who knows, why take the risk until the research is out

So you consider a trial with 10mg/day stabbed into a 0.68oz house mouse a good test?
To get the same dose in a 150# man how many grams would he need to take?
I am currently taking 20mg of Cardarine from MMG on my post blast and I love it. I’ll let everyone know if I get a rapid growth or cancerous tumour.

Divide roughly by 6.2 for HED in rats, 7.4 for mice.

So let’s say the trial was 5mg/kg/wk for a 70kg human that’d be 70*5/6.2 for rats or /7.4 for mice.

People need to stop using these research chems so freely unless they’re aware of the potential risks.

If you’re aware of the potentially carcinogenic qualities of cardarine and you still decide to use it then that’s you’re decision

Yeah, the equivalent dosage in a human for the lowest used in that study was about ±70mg/day for two years, which is nearly their whole lifespan. they were also given a drug to accelerate the development of tumors so they wouldn’t have to continue the study for as long. As long as I don’t get cancer by the time I’m 40-50, i’ll have lived a good a good life honestly. you’re more likely to get cancer from smoking a pack of cigs a day for 8 weeks than cardarine for 8 weeks. I’ve read, studied, I’ll take my chances. Thanks for the concern though!

I’ll order some nolva as well just to be on the safe side. I already have clomid, and since it doesn’t supress levels nearly as much as AAS most recommend a mini pct, but I might as well do the full thing just to make sure. I’ll be getting post-bloods as well!

I wrote a long post about this probably last year. The HED that caused cancer was ~21mg iirc. But you don’t even need to know that. All you need is to use some straightforward logic. GW works. We have tons of anecdotal and clinical evidence to support that. So since we’ve established that it works ask yourself this: why would GSK drop the trials if they had a pill that made weight loss significantly easier? In the fattest country in the world they halted a trial that was showing reduction in fat. What would compel them to do that? Perhaps it was the massive risk of rapid cancer growth?

I know that this is getting border line conspiracy theory, but with Pharma, we can imagine pretty much anything. So, if this stuff works, what other several drugs could it replace? Are those top sellers now? Just some thought provoking questions. I don’t claim to know the answer.

Although I’m not sure if it causes cancer or not yet, this study atleast sets a bottom line for the allowable length of time to take it w/o causing cancer. We just need a study that actually uses similar doses and lengths of time that humans will actually use Cardarine for!

Food for thought

I don’t do PCT because Im on TRT but I still come off a blast kind of hard. I also don’t do any extra AAS so I can’t comment on if Cardarine can replace any of them.

My body misses the FT of 78 and my E2 drops at a much slower rate than my TT. I will get anxious at night and have trouble falling asleep and have no libido.

I don’t really take Cardarine for its weight loss properties.
Although that would be perfect for those that fattened up on a bulk blast. I take it for the endurance boost and the very small euphoric feeling I get at the gym. It almost replaced the loss of strength I get from the blast. Eases coming off the blast. Make no mistake this does not replace a T blast and I will usually take it up to two months but not every day. Mostly on Hard gym days.

Log 1:

Alright!! First cardio sesh since day 1, I gotta say that was nuts. I went 30 mins on the elyptical, 15/20 on the resistance, I was not winded at all. I felt like I could literally run a marathon if my feet didn’t hurt so bad. (New shoes) I wanted to see how far I could push this, so from minute 25-30 I turned up the resistance to 20, and went as hard as I could. Finally got winded at like minute 29. Euphoric feeling and all of that for about an hour after. This is way too much of an increase in cardio to be placebo. Granted I had good cardio already, but I’d say this was a 25-30% increase. Excited to see how far I can push myself in the coming weeks!

Log 2:

Everything is going great so far, muscles looking/feeling pumped even after sitting on my ass all day at class, cardio continuing to be very impressive. No changes whatsoever in mood, libido may be down 10-20%. Incredible energy in the gym, still euphoric feeling and all that, lifts are up slightly by a rep or two, ostarine def starting to kick in. May have dropped a pound or two of fat visually, but my weight on the scale is now 2 pounds heavier…may just be water, I’m supposed to be losing weight at the moment… Right now I’m on a 4-500 calorie defecit, up to 1000 on days with lots of cardio… 220-250 G protein. should I cut calories even more to make sure I don’t recomp? i gotta lose mass to get better footwork/more agile as I’m 290, haha

Offensive line, D-1 FCS, majoring in business, sophomore class. How’d I do?

Actually, defensive line now, and business majors are a joke!!

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Can you please let me know how the Cardarine is doing.

Well, honestly it’s still early days yet but it basically increased my cardio capacity by a massive margin. I feel like I can run literally forever when jogging at even a fast pace. HIIT is increased as well, but not to the degree as the lower intensity cardio is. No mental sides whatsoever from either card or otsa. All lifts have gone up by a rep or so, may also be due to the ost. Still too early to really make a judgement on the fat loss, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

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Log 3:

Been a bit, just because no new effects noticed until now. I believe this is day 12, just shy of 2 weeks, and my muscles are starting to harden up most likely from the ostarine. They feel very dense, and the tone has gone up significantly, even though it’s hard to notice tone at ~20% body fat, my arms look like they’re at 15%. Bicep/forearm veins clearly visible when lifting, even though still got some little love handles. Speaking of body fat, I’ve lost 5 lbs in the past 2 weeks, whether that’s due to diet, cardarine, or both I have no idea. I’m definitely looking leaner, I may have gained a little muscle in addition to this loss of fat, or may just be constantly pumped. I’ve noticed that I still get winded normally when doing HIIT training, aka short 40m sprints every 30 seconds, although my overall energy in the workout is greater. I feel like even though I get tired at the same rate, I recover more quickly and am ready for the next set faster. Long distance low intensity cardio is absolutely ridiculous, as I can jog for miles on end until my feet/knees hurt which I don’t like doing for obvious reasons… 285 lbs is a lot of stress on the joints! Haven’t got a super good opportunity to test strength, although it may have gone up from 8 reps to 10 reps on most exercises. Heavy weight still feels heavy though, lol. Apparently the ost will fully kick in in about a week or so, excited to see how that will turn out. No sides except for a barely noticeable drop in libido. Going to start doing nofap today though! Anyone have any experience with this? Been hearing a lot about how it will reset your brains reward center… interesting stuff!

Log 4:

(about 6 weeks in) Hey guys! Sorry for the late update. Been continuing as scheduled, although weight loss has stopped completely in order to max out before leaving for spring break for football. Weight is 285, stopped the cardarine 2 weeks ago due to not noticing any effects on fat loss or recomp, really just noticed the increase in low intensity cardio. I got tired at the same rate anaerobically, just recovered faster. My aerobic capacity did increase massively though. The ostarine really starting to kick in, benched 315-320 at the beginning and hit 340 today. Nothing too crazy of a jump like when I was taking test, but somewhat bigger pumps than natty and a few more reps on most exercises. Training 5 days/wk with intense HIIT monday/friday, to be honest this “cycle” has been somewhat underwhelming for 20mg/day ost. Feels like the same results I’d have gotten on a natural bulk. Lost maybe 2-3% bodyfat so far, put on a little muscle. Joints have felt really great though haha, no issues there. I’m thinking about just running some clomid for a few weeks to make sure I recover from the supression, and running a proper cycle in a month or two. Any thoughts on if I should just end it here and what I should run for the next one?