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Ostarine/ BPC157 to Heal Torn Rotator Cuff Log

Please give us more information regarding the rotator cuff tear. Is it partial thickness or full thickness. As this will significantly change your outcome.

Full thickness tears will not heal, as the strong pull of supraspinatus will retract the tendon.

Also the pain at the front of the shoulder is likely to be from your long head of biceps tendon.

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I have a near full thickness tear of my supraspinatus. Over 75% torn on the burial side. I can still lift my arm with almost no pain and my muscle had no signs of atrophy. It is torn 14mm anterior to posterior and 5 mm from top to bottom. My doctor described it as hanging on by threads. The injury occurred in november but I didnt get results until february. I have no idea if it was getting better or worse from my weight lifting at that time. I was doing my best to avoid movements with pain.

My physio cant believe how strong I am and how quickly I am recovering. I am doing a variety of kettlebells exercises as part of rehab. Started st 10lbs with tons of pain and now i use 25lb to 35lb on most movements. Pain is almost gone but stability is still an issue.

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Weakness if usually with initiation of abduction as well as external rotation movements with a supraspinatus tear. If its not a full thickness i think you have been lucky! Keep on working hard with the physios!

I don’t believe this will ever heal on its own. Tendons don’t rebuild themselves since there is essentially no blood supply to them. They have to be re-attached. Your strength the Dr is seeing is from just being strong shoulders, traps, etc and them compensating for your structural weakness in the tendon.

Listen, I’ve had 3 rotator cuff surgeries. Some of them I waited a year to get fixed. They don’t repair themselves. Get it fixed by a good ortho and do your PT. If it completely detaches, you are fucked and will need immediate surgery.

I agree with you except when it comes to partial thickness tears.
Full thickness tears lead to weakness as well as later down the line secondary osteoarthritis and migration of the humeral head.

However partial thickness tears can sometimes do just as well as operative intervention. There are statistics out there at 40% of those above 60 have rotator cuff tears (i understand not all of them are high functioning), however they do well without operative intervention.

If it does completely detach like you said, you are absolutely right.

They are also not lifting or trying to build muscle. @evank, its your life brother, but I think you should go back to your doc and get the surgery and live with the immobility for 6 weeks and then do your PT. I know it sucks big time, I’ve done it 3 times and I’m 55 fucking years old. Just do it and get it fixed. Otherwise it will develop bone spurs and scar tissue and a host of issues.

Hey guys, appreciate the info.

I’m in Canada so I have to wait in line to have a surgeon consult which typically takes 6 months to a year so I got time to heal.

A follow up MRI will be done and at that point I will know if the BPC/ostarine worked or if I go for surgery. I will update this post when I find out.

Sorry for my late reply but lately I have been experiencing what I hope are panic attacks.

They come out of no where, typically once a week. I could be watching to or sitting at my desk reading emails. All of a sudden I become kind of light headed, dizzy and followed by a pounding (but not rapid) heart beat and laboured breathing. Typically lasts for an hour then goes away. Over this past weekend I had 3 and then had pain in my chest after and it felt hard to breathe. I took my OTC allergy meds and the breathing went back to normal.

I assume its from the Ostarine/BPC combo which I have decided to quit cold turkey and start my PCT of clomid and a T-booster. I’m hoping this resolves the issue.

I had my blood work done 2 weeks ago. Everything was normal except a slightly high blood sugar. LDL was a bit higher but in the normal range and HDL was in the low normal range so I had a good ratio. Triglycerides were low.

Again because I am in Canada I have booked a follow up appt with my doc on Monday by phone as this is the onmly way to do it right now and then I called our health links who assured me it was a panic/anxiety attack and nothing more. I hope this is all it turns out to be and nothing more. Heart rate is like 76bpm and consistent rhythm. A friend of mine even used the apple watch EKG app which showed no issues but who knows how accurate that is.

If anyone has experience with panic attacks or heart issues I would appreciate the info.


Why are you doing a PCT? Ostarine shouldn’t require one and besides you already had normal bloods.

My androgens are unknown. They dont test testosterone and estrogen in Canada unless specifically requested and my doc denied it. The Joy’s of free health care…

Offer to pay for the test, or at least for the specific tests that aren’t covered.
I ended up getting a criminal conviction for possession of unprescribed steroids because a Dr refused to prescribe anabolics for me. My testosterone wasn’t technically low enough to meet the criteria for prescription. I had some health issues which did indeed respond incredibly positively to steroid use as I had suspected yet no Dr had considered it even after I suggested it.
Whilst partially true he failed to tell me that the criteria only applied to people expecting to get heavily subsidised pharmaceuticals. I live in Australia we supposedly have free healthcare too, and subsidised medicines for approved medical conditions.
Actually he was able to prescribe them, but I would need to pay full price. He even didn’t offer to tell me that. So unfortunately some Dr’s can be cunts due to ignorance, or design.


Same problem in Germany. And when my doc gives the OK, I have to wait months for an endo. Oh and did anyone say blood tests? In Germany only through a doctor. So no blood tests on steroids for checking the levels.

I’d do everything I can to keep America “the land of the free”.

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So on September 15th, I met with a surgeon. He did strength and range of motion tests. I had no issues and no pain with anything. He couldn’t believe it.

They did an X-ray which showed no issues but he declined to have an MRI done because of the wait time and expense. He figured I was good enough to avoid surgery.

For the most part my shoulder is better then ever and nothing really irritates it except when I go deep into a flye.

So as far as I can tell the BPC157/ostarine combo worked. I went from a 75% tendon to a surgeon declining surgery. He is aware that I work a physically demanding job and was still ok with it.

Sorry I couldn’t provide any solid proof but I hope this helps with others in a similar situation.

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