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Ostarine/ BPC157 to Heal Torn Rotator Cuff Log

Hey everyone,

I’m going to start a log to see how well ostarine and bpc157 can heal my torn rotator cuff.


I live in Canada. I got my degree in Kinesology, then continued my education to become a certified exercise physiologist, functional movement screen specialist as well as studied PCIP level 1 and 2. Also completed my occupational health and safety certificate and ergonomics on the side.

In November of 2019 I was involved in a vehicle collision that left me with a concussion and torn rotator cuff.

Concussion has since healed thanks to a heavy dose of fish oil every night before bed (approximately 15 grams).

My MRI revealed a near full thickness tear of my supraspinatus of over 75%.

I am currently waiting for a surgery consult but thanks to our Canadian Health Care system that won’t be until August assuming I dont get pushed back.

The injury affects my career and I am on modified duties. I’m hoping to avoid surgery. It is my dominant arm and I am concerned that some complications may arise from surgery affecting the rest of my life/career.

After some research I was interested in BPC157, Ostarine and MK677.

I consulted with a biochemical engineer and sarm specialist who also agreed with my choices but recommended BPC157 and Ostarine to start.

On Monday I started 25mg ED of ostarine. I ended up getting Dr. Seeds BPC+ under the false assumption that it was BPC157. It is not. However, I plan to use it until my BPC157 arrives.

The purpose of this log is to document my recovery and the results of using these supplements.

It is NOT intended to be a log for bodybuilding but I will still update with my stats and blood work that become available.

Keep in mind I live in Canada and it isn’t easy to get the lab work you want. I dont pay the doctor, the government does so they don’t give a shit what blood work I want.


34 years old, 5’10, 185 lbs at approximately 18% bodyfat.
Prior to my accident I was 178 and 14% bodyfat according to my inbody bio-electrical impedence score. I know its not 100% accurate but I do the scan first thing in the morning dehydrated and no food.

After the accident my weight went up even though I was still exercising and cut calories. My IGF-1 was high at approximately 300 and i had a very noticeable increase in bellyfat 2 weeks post car accident.

My training was based off of the Jailhouse Strong Pig Iron program and then I modified the assistance and accessory movements in a circuit style fashion addressing structural balance. The program was great and I was getting steady increases in strength.

Diet wise I strived for approximately 2500 kcals a day with a macro spit of 30P, 30C and 40F. Bulk of carbs were eaten post workout and last meal of the day.

I plan to update the log on a weekly basis. Feel free to ask questions or provide advice. Just dont get at me with " Bro, you need to pin 500mg of test a week so see any results, bro"


interested to see how it goes, best of luck!

What dose/frequency are you planning on using? I’ve used BPC157 in the past to heal elbow tendinitis and it worked wonders. Curious how well it does to speed up a torn RC.

I have personally used BPC157 to heal a couple nagging injuries, and now currently am having issues with a possible tear in my upper pec / front delt area. It’s a bizarre feeling and only limits very few things. I have full range of motion, but if I bend over at my hip and let my arm hang down, it’s painful. Odd.

Anyhow, I will likely be starting BPC / TB 500 here soon. I just got sick two days ago, so that’s pushing it back until I feel a bit better.

Looking forward to hearing your results. The Dr seeds stuff won’t do much, site injections are by far the most anecdotally successful way.

Very interested in this, I am looking for a good source for these as I have a slight rotator cuff tear I am dealing with wanting to start peptides

Hey guys,

appreciate the support. It’s been very busy at work with all this COVID-19 stuff going on so I am delayed to say the least. I will still to a quick recap of the weeks…,.


So my training program is:
Legs - Monday and Thursday
Upper body - Tuesday and Friday
Cardio Wednesday and Saturday.

Program is either rehab style or circuit style agonist and antagonist. Saves time…

So my first week I began taking the Dr. Seeds BPC along with 25mg of Ostarine in the morning on an empty stomach.

This week is really a baseline for me. I just starting a new program with weight training now that I am partially recovered from my accident.

My diet is pretty standard approximately 2500kcal, moderate fat and protein, lower in carbs… I can go further into my diet and supplements if someone asks…

At the end of the week I noticed no changes what so ever… Not in mood, energy, lifts, body comp etc. But thats what I expected as ostarine needs time to kick in.

Week 2:

SO here is what I noticed after week 2:

-not really any improvements in my lifts, possibly increased by a rep or two but I am weaker then normal because I havent weight lifted since december.

  • not too many changes otherwise, possibly leaner but only by a pound or two.


So here I am starting to see some changes.

Mentally I noticed improved concentration, clarity, ability to focus and recall things quickly. My energy is also much higher. I would normally consume 600mg of caffeine throughout the day and still be dragging my ass. After my morning coffee I’m pretty much good to go until mid afternoon.

This isn’t abnormal for me, make me feel like I am 28 again. When turned thirty I noticed one day that my cognition, recall, memory and energy all dropped. Shortly after that injuries crept up and it was hard to recover. Motivation dropped and I felt as if I had a mild depression. Strength gains were slower. It happened quickly so I had my testosterone and estrogen checked. Testosterone was low normal and estrogen was high normal. I did what I could to improve the ratio through supplementation. I went from high normal testosterone to medium normal estrogen but things didn’t change. I went to docs but they don’t want to help, they just want to put me on anti-depressants. I took a few with no change. I feel like Ostarine has brought me back to normal.

This is the one thing I noticed so far.

In the gym my lifts are slowly increasing and my body comp is improving. I did notice a huge increase in my endurance for cardio.

Work has been really stressful due to the COVID 19 so my nutrition is poor, stress high and recovery is low. I’m not sleeping much and am starting to burn out.

Once things settle down I’ll be excited to see my gains.

My BPC157 has been back ordered due to stocking issues so I havent even started to use it.

My bad shoulder is coming along great. Reduced pain and increased strength. My good shoulder hurts now. I assume its from overuse and sleeping on it.

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Typical day due to covid 19:

Wake up at 6:30am. I take 25mg of ostarine and Dr. Seeds BPC first thing on an empty stomach with water. After showering and getting dressed I have coffee with coconut oil. 30 minutes later I have veggie greens with added psyllium and flax seed and salt.

I get to work at 8:00 and start to check emails and come up with a plan for the day if time permits. At 8:30 I eat egg, cheese and bacon muffins I make and then its go time. I work right till 12:00 with no breaks. From 12:00 to 1:00 I train in the gym. I then have a post workout shake with added collagen protein, salt and cinnamon.

From 1 to 4 I work. If I can squeeze in a break I’ll eat lunch which is animal protein, complex carbs and veggies with an olive oil/vinegar based dressing. Multivitamin with the meal. Typically I get overtime so I work til 5 pm or later. I try to snack on beef jerky and mixed nuts if time permits.

When I get home I eat dinner. Dinner usually consist of an animal protein, complex carbs and veggies. If it’s a big meal I’ll take digestive enzymes. I also take fish oil, tumeric, magtein, vitamin d with the meal.

Before bed I drink a protein shake with added collagen protein, leucine and glutamine. Maybe glycine to help me sleep if I’m not tired. I might mix it with milk or even greek yogurt if I’m feeling hungry.

I take a probiotic before bed and try my best to sleep 8 hours.


This week was almost the same at Week 3.

No negative side effects.

Positive side effects I’ve noticed from the Ostarine are:

  • huge increase in endurance
  • noticeable but minimal strength gains
  • more overall energy in the day, less needs for caffeine
  • improved cognition: memory and recall
  • more motivation/drive like how I felt when I was 28ish

Work stress is still very high. Lots of work, no breaks, and stress from superiors.

My program is going to change a bit but with the limited gym equipment at work I will need to be more creative.

Hit me up if you have any questions.


I ordered it 3 weeks ago and on friday I finally got a notice it is coming in the mail…

In order to hit my rotator cuff more aggressively I plan to either inject approximately 300mcg in each shoulder for the first week or possible 1 injection and then taking some orally.

I may also add DAA and an OTC anti-estrogen to work synergistically with the ostarine. I dont plan to increase the ostarine dose due to the potential for side effects.

250mcg daily to start in conjunction with the Ostarine

Week 5 and 6 Update:

Sorry for the late follow up but things have been extremely busy at work.

So I got the BPC157 and I mixed 5mg with 3ml of BAC water.

I have been injecting approximately 340mcg a day. I alternate between each shoulder because both are causing me issues. In all honesty, the injections are pretty easy. The odd time it hurts and bleeds but its rare.

Since I started using the BPC157 my shoulder with the torn rotator cuff feels awesome. After the first week it has been feeling really good and I even forget it’s injured.

The good shoulder has a strip of muscle at the border between the anterior and medial deltoid that is tender to the touch. I’ve been injecting around it to help with the pain but it’s slow.

Side effects:

  • soreness in the deltoid approximately 1hr after injection.
  • a throbbing feeling in my right temple/headache 1hr after injection. Usually goes away after an hour.
  • light headed feeling for an hour after injection.

I’m hoping to dial back to 250mcg a day rotating between shoulders until my second vial of BPC157 is gone.

I’m very happy with the results and I’m excited to see how things progress.

If you have any questions or any suggestions, please let me know.



What needle are you using to inject? If the soreness/pain of spot injecting is too much I’ve heard BPC can be just as effective injecting SubQ into belly fat. Glad to see you’re getting good results!

I use an insulin needle 28 guage. Sometimes its painless all together, sometimes it hurts for an hour after. Sometimes the needle pinches and I get blood after. I assume its because I hit a vein. I considered subcutenaceous but i hear site injections is best.

Good thread to read, I keep my fingers crossed for your healing. But I still can’t get this SARMs hype. Could you explain why have you chosen Ostarine? Do you really think it’s safe for your HPTA even at 25 mg/ed? In 7th post you’ve said that you’re struggling with T:E2 ratio, why not to pay more attention to this, have you ever considered HRT?

BPC157 should do wonders synergistically with hGH, it’s proven that hGH receptors are highly up-regulated during the peptide therapy.

Hey Chemania, thanks for the post.

So I was hesitant on SARMS too. I ended up hiring someone for advice. Ostarine is shown to speed up bone and tendon healing so it would work synergistically with BPC157 to speed healing of my torn tendon. I noticed improvements in my shoulder taking the ostarine alone.

So far I have had no HPTA issues at all. I sleep great, sex drive is good and even my energy/cognition have all improved. As for muscle mass, a few people noticed I have put on size but it’s nothing crazy. reminds me of my Anavar cycle. Modest gains on a less then decent diet.

With regards to my T:E ratio, I was initially going to hop on Test E to speed healing but according to my advisor, gear tends to slow tendon healing so it wasn’t an option. I have dealt with an endocrinologist about my T:E ratio but as long as all my values are in normal range there is nothing she could do. She told me to see a psychologist if I have low T symptoms… I guess that’s what free health care in Canada gets you. Our medical system may be free but the treatment is garbage here. HRT is almost unheard of where I live.

I was very interested in HGH, which is what I think I would try next. My only concern is I have high blood glucose levels already and my understanding is HGH can make it worse.


Today I went about my usual routine and had my injection after work. About an hour after the injection, I became really light headed, couldn’t think straight, became dizzy and almost puked and passed out. My heart wasn’t racing or anything but I had a hard time feeling myself breathing, but I was breathing normally. I assume it was my first ever panic attack. Now I’ve got a dull headache but the other symptoms has subsided.

Anyone else have these issues?

I’ve started my 3rd week and I’m hoping to finish the month.

If anyone can help please let me know.


So I took a week off and went back on the BPC 157. For 7 days no issues, so I kept taking it.

On day 10, I injected again. It was quite painful and I couldn’t get the needle in deep enough. I took it out and picked another spot that was less painful.

I injected about 250 mg and then…

Panic Attack - sweaty, shaky, light headed, irritable, racing heart, etc. Even felt sick to my stomach like I might puke. It’s been 40 mins and its slowly starting to go away…

I think this might be the last time I use this stuff. I dont know whats goin on…

If anyone can offer any suggestions or advice, please let me know.

Not advice, but I’m currently giving mk-677 a go. It is supposed to increase endogenous GH and igf-1. Supposed to be pretty good for tendons.

I’d love to take mk677 but it increases your blood sugars. I already have high normal blood sugars and a family history of type 2 diabetes. I’m concerned it might cause me to become type 2 diabetic…