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Ostarine and Long Distance Cardio

This would be my first cycle of Ostarine, I’ve never done steroids before I’m 30 I’ve been lifting for several years and I’m very muscular and fit about 5’9 I fluctuate between 170 and 180 a friend of mine did LGD and had great results so I want to try a sarm. Ostarine seems to be the best option, it’s the least suppressive and I gain muscle pretty easy so while I know LGD is stronger I feel this will be enough for me with less risk.

With that being said, during the summer time along side lifting I do long distance cardio, 8 mile runs at a good pace. I’m wondering if I should be concerned about Ostarine maybe enlarging the heart? It seems like your heart is being worked when running am I being paranoid in thinking maybe the Ostarine could cause your heart to grow like a muscle would? Is this a legit concern, is there any solid info to suggest what a possible out come would be?

I feel like if it’s safe for the heart it would be a good opportunity to use it while doing all this physical activity, I understand sarms help with joints etc I don’t expect Ostarine to help my cardio but maybe it will help my legs get stronger and to run faster when I do a race at the end of summer I’m to scared to try cardarine, with the cancer stuff.

Eh. The safety profile of this stuff is based on elderly people, mostly women with urinary incontinence. It’s not like we have clinical trials with a set of patients who are 25 year old male athletes. So it’s a roll of the dice no matter what. But I’d be less worried about the heart enlargement (which seems unlikely) and more worried about how long you’re planning on being in a state of suppressed testosterone. That’s much worse for you in the short and medium term.

SARMS are Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. The receptors they modulate are in skeletal muscle only. SARMS should not affect cardiac muscle.

This seems pretty contradictory. Cardiac adaptation will occur regardless if you’re running eight MILES per day. Whether the adaptation presents a threat to overall longevity is undetermined, however it does appear endurance athletes are at a far higher risk of cardiac dysrhythmia compared to the general populace (and cardiac fibrosis has been routinely detected among endurance athletes). Whether Ostarine will exaggerate the LV hypertrophic response in response to endurance training will depend on

A: BP increase
B: The affinity of ostarine towards androgen receptors in cardiac mycytes, you see the specific nature of SARMS may allow some to bypass binding to the receptors of cardiac mycytes (if we are very lucky) in which case they’d be the yeetfloopest.

I love endurance training (recently found out), problem is my joints can’t take it lol, fucking knees, ankle (screws in one ankle)… I do cycling instead of running (or a very light jog on a treadmill, like 8-9km/hr). Cycling minimises the negative impact on my knees and ankles. I used to love going on hikes but my ankle doesn’t permit it (unless I take painkillers which I don’t… so that’s not an option… well it is an option, just an option I refuse to accept)

8 miles per day is pretty intense, take care of joint health!

All in all, excessive exercise is detrimental likely to overall heath, as is AAS use/PED use, everyone picks their poison, so if you abstain from cardiotoxic recreational drug use and live a fairly healthy lifestyle I’d say if you enjoy the endurance training, keep at it.