Ostarine and Clomid Bloodwork

So I did an ostarine only cycle for a couple of months and here are my pre and post bloodworks for test and e2. Other hormones and cholesterol were normal throughout the process.

Total test - 545
Estradiol - 40

Total test - 302
Estradiol - 38

I then went on the recommended PCT which consisted of clomid and GW. Right after the PCT I took my bloods again

Total test - 981
Free Test - 106 (Reference Range: 46.0-224.0 pg/mL)
Estradiol - 48

This obviously shot my test (and unfortunately e2) back up. I figured I was good to go and soon it will go back down to normal levels. However fast forward 3 months to the present day I’ve been noticing some libido issues (possible low test). Things are just not as normal in that area so I decided to get my bloodwork done again and the results came back today. (I didn’t do free test this time because it was within range the last time but I will get this tested now and see)

Total test - 875
Estradiol - 31

My test actually came in still much higher than normal and I’m struggling with the sex drive. Is it normal for the clomid to still have this effect on my test 3 months after I stop? And with everything I’ve been doing lately, could that have done something to my libido? I really appreciate any input

The clomid has left your system, you restarted successfully and there you are. Libido is a separate issue. Your free test will affect it.