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I recently got “Osta” bottle says serving size: 1 capsule 25mg… so would takeing 1 capsule a day for 8 weeks and running a little pct stack from huge supplements. Not sure if I need a PCT for the Osta but was just trying to be safe. Does this cycle sound ok? I’m looking to get leaner I do good amount of cardio everyday and workout everyday along with a “Good” diet I’m 27 5’9” 180ilbs. Just looking for a little insight if anyone knows if this cycle sounds fine. Thank you

Here’s the rule: if your pct is otc then it’s not pct. Whatever supplements you bought are not going to work. As far as ostarine and its effectiveness, I can’t help you. Unless you’re a post menopausal female with stress urinary incontinence there isn’t much proof that it’s beneficial.

But what I can tell you is that for eight weeks you will have lower testosterone, which is sort of the opposite of what you shoot for when you’re training. Do with that information what you please.

Well I have some recent experience.

I read so much about Ostarine and how mellow it is compared to everything else…That PCT is optional etc…

I wanted to go minimal. So I took only 15mg per day for 30 days. Also, I made sure to hit the gym at least 4 times a week with proper intensity…Didn’t want to waste this stuff.

I sure did gain muscle. That one month seemed to give me 3 months worth of regular gains. By “gains” I mean growth. Strength progressed at a normal rate. But, for sure, my muscles grew fast.

Anyway, I shut it down after just 30 days because I am careful and conservative about these things.

Even at that small time and fairly small amount I did notice some “suppression”. No, I didn’t do any blood tests but I am basing all this on my sexual response, function and desire. All noticably down for about a month after I stopped. I did not do a PCT. After a month or so, based on sexual response etc…Everything is back to 100%.

I am quite sure you need a PCT when you use 25mg for 8 weeks. And, like the poster above said…get some real PCT stuff. Probably some Clomid or something along those lines…Or just put up with a couple of months of low testosterone levels as you slowly recover.

If you are going to PCT, you may aswell use ASS, its safer and time proven.

Ive ran most sarms, from my point of view, you dont need a PCT, test levels bounce back as soon as you come off, and you dont reach total shut down. IMO PCT will do more harm then good and the point of sarms is to avoid having to use serms

ive ran Osta at 25, 12 weeks, no pct
ive ran LGD 5,10
Ive ran RAD + LGD + Osta all at once

I have ok results, they def work, but having now done ASS, its not even comparable. Test is best, take it from someone who has been there, i wish i would have saved time and money and just done real gear

Thanks for the feedback. And yes I have ran TestCyp for a few cycles years back… had great results although I did not PCT when coming off of it and I think that resulted in a breakout on my lats…during my whole cycle I never broke out at all. So that deterred me some and probably my own fault. Also I do not care to inject myself. Figured I’d give these SARMs a try seemed simple and safe enough. I guess I will forget about that OTC PCT and run the Osta 25mg for 4 weeks see if I have any results and decide if I want to keep on for the 8week cycle.