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Osgood Schlatter's

Here’s the problem. I seem to have developed a bit of Osgood’s on the tibial tuberosity of my right knee. This is now affecting the efficiency of my squatting sessions (I dont really do much else for quads). I was actually forced to take off about 6 weeks from leg training after a 5 week strength training phase late last year. I figured the 6 weeks off would do it, but after returning to squatting last week, so did the pain. Today I squatted again and it wasnt too bad today.

My question basically is, does anyone have any treatment suggestions or experience with Osgood Schlatter’s?


Could it be tendonitis? How old are you? Have you seen a sport related physician for diagnosis?

As far as I know Osgood schlatters is from growing to quickly while you are younger. I had this problem when I was younger and it seems to have gone away. I haven;t had a problem with it since I was 11(20 now)
From your pic it looks like you are a little too old to bve growing :slight_smile: I think it might be tendonitis or something of that sort.

:slight_smile: Groove

I’ve had Osgood and tendonitis since I was 8 and it is a pain in the ass. I tried to stay away from heavy squatting for years but that didn’t seem to help. Don’t just stop doing leg workouts. If it hurts to squat try leg presses and leg extensions.

The best treatment that I found for Osgood is to take Aleve or advil before and after a work out. Also heat your knees before you squat and ice them down afterwards so they don’t swell up.