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Osgood Schlatter Problems W/Squat

I am a senior in high school right now and I plan on place kicking in college next year. After the football season ended this year I continued to practice kicking and started working out again. One day while I was squatting I noticed the pain in my knee and it has gotten to the point where I can barely do bodyweight squats because of the pain.

I tried knee sleeves while I squat and I am currently getting physical therapy for my osgood schlatter. Are there any lifts I can do without making the pain worse? I tried avoiding leg workouts and kicking all together for about 2 weeks but I need to start working out again and need some alternatives.

I’m no expert, but you probably can still do the more hamstring/glute targeting exercises (any kind of deadlifts, glute ham raises, reverse hyper, leg curl, Romanian deadlifts, possibly box squats).

Osgood Schlatter is aggravated by tight quads so doing quad-focused exercises might not be the best for it.

Have you stopped growing yet? My Osgood Schlatter didn’t go away until I finished growing.

yes I have stopped growing according to the sports doctor I have seen so I’ve been receiving ultrasound at physical therapy. I have still been doing deadlifts when I work out as well. Since you said that osgood schlatter is aggravated by tight quads I would imagine stretching out the quads a lot would help?