Osgood-Schlatter Disease

So i got this as a kid and i still have the bump however its not sore or anything. but my knee tends to hurt and be weak as i warm it up, then once its warm its fine and then once it cools off again it hurts

any tips i should follow to not hurt my knee? and when i say weak i mean ill hit a certain point in the ROM and it will just give out, but that goes away once its warm

ive tried wearing knee supports and stuff and it doesnt make any difference, it actually hinders me a bit in squatting and other movements and i still feel just as much pain

I used to have it as a child but it jsut fixed itself (probably not what you wanted to hear but that was my experience!)

Some people suggest stretching your quads/hams. The serverity of it my be due to a muscle imbalance in your legs.

i will be 30 injuly and i have had the same thing for as long as i can remember, the doc said it was from growing to fast and playing on hard surfaces.if u hit it it hurts like crazy, but i havent found it to keep me from doing any work out i want, maybe its not the o.s but something else causing u the pain?

I got it to. doctor says that when i had osgood schlatter as a kid i tore a bone shard or something in my knee. because of that it will be constanly inflammed and kinda sore. alot of people get it from osgood schlatter. the good thing is that all it is just a pain and will not devolop into anything more serious. try wearing a knee strap if it really hurts.

I had it as a kid, same story as everyone else. It only bothers me when it gets hit directly, other than that it does not hold me back from anything at all in the gym.

To echo what the others have said, I also had it as a kid and was told that it’s from my bones growing faster than my tendon or ligaments in my knee.

I haven’t had any problems with it since I was around 15-16, but then again I only grew to 5’5".

I was just told that I’d be fine once I stopped growing.

I was playing football at the time and was told that I wouldn’t have to change anyting as far as exercise.