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Osgood Schlatter DAMNIT


I have osgood schlatter at age 13. I got an X-RAY and its look bad. The Doctor said i must rest but im 15 and its still hurt. It only hurt after play and not when im playing and its a bump and its big. it hurt when i push it.

Any suggestion so this thing can be healed

apart from icing it and stuff mate there’s nothing you can really do I’m afraid

its too long to wait… any more suggestion?

i could ice it but it seems like wont work

the pain will start to go away when your growth in hight slowes down.

I had the same problem bud, all through highschool i played football and did powerlifting and track. Knee hurt constantly, every once in a while id catch a helmet directly to it and roll around like a bitch. to my knowledge its not gonna actually injure you, it just sucks. I played through it with ice, plenty of warm up and tough love. strengthen your hamstrings and avoid the leg extensions.

Firstly what i hate is when people say it will go away when its stop growing

secondly its not same like osgood schlatter

The same:

The Difference:
It only hurt after playing not when playing

hey… hey…OP…guess…guess what… It’ll go away when you stop growing.

you got a bump at the top of your tibia, its tender, it hurts after activity… you got Osgood Schlatter, deal with it