Oscillation Point's Training Log

Greetings fellow Training loggers,
I’ve been lurking on this forum for quite some time and decided to start a training log in order to track and organize my workouts and progress.

Some basic info:
Currently sitting at 5’8 165 lbs (lolz manlet swole 150lber status) at around 15ish % bodyfat or so. I haven’t actually taken the measurement, just estimating based on looks. I’ve been training consistently for about 10 months although I’ve been training on and off since January 2012.

Today’s arm workout (I rarely work arms by themselves, but they are a weak point and I must prioritize them):

Long warm up consisting of:

Neutral grip pullups

EZ bar curls (assuming the bar weighs 15lbs)

DB Alt Curls
-30sx10 LR
-40sx10 LR
-45sx8 LR
-50sx8 LR

Weighted Dips
-BW+45 x 10
-BW+90 x 6
-BW+115 x 5
-BWx40+ lost count at this point

Then some various cable bicep stuff just for teh pumpz.


Bench/Row Workout:

Flat bench (5/3/1 style):
bar x some

T-bar rows (in the corner):
1 plate x 12
2 plates x 12
3 plates x 10
4 plates x 10
4 plates x 10
*plate = 45lb plate

Seated hammer strength row:
*PPS=plates per side

Decline Bench (for volume)

Had terrible forearm splints this entire workout most likely due to the ez bar curls from the last session. Will probably avoid those in the future and opt for alternating DB curls or straight olympic bar curls.

Light jogging/incline walking 20mins


Back Workout:

Light speed deadlifts:
-135x5 (Trying out sumo)
All done with speed and explosiveness. Definitely not used to pulling sumo, didn’t have even a slight lower back pump.

Weighted pullups (wide grip):
-BWx15 for warmup
-BW 25 x 5
-BW 45 x 7
-BW 50 x 5

Wide grip pulldowns:
-180x5 followed immediately by 100x8

Stretchers (John Meadows inspired)
-60x20 lats were completely spent at this point.

Hammer Curls:
-40sx10 LR
-50sx8 LR
-60sx8 LR
-70sx6 LR followed by 35sx10

Meadow’s Hammer Curls (Strict and controlled)
-30sx11 LR
-35sx10 LR
-40sx10 LR

Then some rope hammer curls at the cable station with weight I didn’t pay attention to.
10 mins light cardio.

Went in feeling like absolute garbage but ended up having a productive session. Had trouble getting any sort of pump probably due to having a crappy diet the past few days. Anyhow, here it is:


Overhead press:
-Long warmup: rotator cuff stuff, band pullaparts, arm circles and whatnot, etc.
-bar x some
-95 x 5
-115 x 5
-135 x 8
-155 x 4
-165 x 1
-170 x 1
-175 x 1
-185 x 1
-135 x 7

Side Laterals:
-35s x 14
-40s x 12
-50s x 7
-40s x 10

Meadow’s Partial Laterals:
-50s x 14
-60s x 13
Felt off so I cut the sets short.

Barbell Shrugs:
135x 15
245x 12
335x 10
405x 8
Back was bothering me a bit on this set, so I didn’t go any higher in weight.

Rear delts - 3 uneventful sets

Glute ham raise - 3 sets for the stretch

Some misc stretches post workout.

Went in immediately after work to get a quick bench/row workout in. The only thing I had to eat today before this workout was 2 tuna packets, 2 protein bars and some carrots. Gym weight was at 160 on the dot (lol).

Flat Bench (5/3/1):
Long warmup with rotator cuff work and some band pull aparts.

-bar x some
-135 x some
-245x3 1 (spotter helped on last rep)

Bent Over Rows:

Weighted Dips:
-BW 45 x 10
-BW 70 x 8
-BW 90 x 8
-BW 115 x 3

Alternating Curls:
-35s x 8 LR
-40s x 8 LR
-50s x 7 LR
-20s x 15 both arms at same time

-140 x 12
-Stack x 14
-Stack x 14 supersetted with 80x10 ultra strict rope pushdown
-Stack x 12 supersetted with 110x10 rope pushdown

Got in and got out in less than an hr!

Deadlift (5/3/1)

-Warmup w/bar

Weighted Pullups
-BW x 15 wide grip
-BW 45 x 8
-BW 55 x 5
-BWx 10

Lat pulldowns
-120 x10
-150 x6
-170 x 5
-120 x 8

Stretchers (John Meadows style)
-60 x 10
-80 x 10

Rack Pulls (pins at knees)
-475x1 20 second hold
-500x1 20 second hold

Hammer Curls
-40s x 10
-50s x 8
-65s x 6

Meadows Hammer Curls
-30s x 10 LR
-35s x 10 LR
-40s x 10 LR
Followed by a bunch of ultra strict hammer curls with the 30s.

Glute Ham Raise against purple bands
-BW x 6
-BW bands x 6
-BW bands x 4 (These are really hard)

15 min jog at moderate pace.

A good amount of volume here, was in the gym for almost 2 hrs.

Was supposed to go in and do legs today, but ended up napping until an hr before the gym closed. Basically had to rush in and do a quick shoulder session with no cardio. Felt stiff until the 4th shoulder press set.

Overhead Press (some strict, some with slight leg drive):
-bar x some
-95 x 10
-135 x 7
-145 x 5
-155 x 5
-165 x 2
-175 x 1
-190 x 1 followed by 135 x 5
-135 x 10

Barbell Shrugs:
-135 x 10
-225 x 15
-315 x 12
-405 x 10
-500 x 5 !!! wut

Side Laterals:
-30s x 12
-40s x 10
-50s x 8
-30s x 10
-30s x 20

Bent over rear delt row (using an underhand grip):
-135 x 12
-155 x 10
-185 x 10
-205 x 5
These were all pretty good slow and controlled form.

Decline Crunches
-BW x 15
-BW 50 x 10
-BW 60 x 10
Followed by some sets of hanging leg raises
Ab Roller (2 sets)

[quote]oscillationpt90 wrote:
Rack Pulls (pins at knees)
-475x1 20 second hold
-500x1 20 second hold[/quote]
Good job on that, you probably shaked all your body holding this. Hook grip?

Nah man I used an over under grip with chalk and a belt. I can’t seem to get the hang of hook grip. I have these weird clubbed thumbs that I can’t tuck under my fingers. I’m probably doing it wrong anyway haha.

Gym weight: 165 lbs (I am aware there are teenage girls heavier than me).

So today was my first back squat workout in a really long time. Due to some knee issues I have exclusively done only zercher squats with no more than 225lbs for several months.

Back Squat:

-warmup with bar x some
-warmup with 95 x 10
-135 x 5
-135 x 12
-135 x 5
-135 x 5

Lol ended up getting a really bad quad pump in literally 5 mins after the first set. This will improve over time, trying to slowly build my way back up.

Glute Ham Raise with purple bands:
-5 sets of 12 (These are brutal)

Now for some biceps, because why not?

Straight bar curl (with olympic bar IN the squat rack):
Horrific wrist pain doing these, cut it short.

Alternating curls:
-25s x 10 LR
-30s x 10 LR
-40s x 10 LR
-50s x 6 LR

Wrist curls:
-5 sets of 12 starting from 17.5 to 35 lbs

Some punching bag work and jogging.
Basically a do whatever the fk I want day, mainly just for fun and to burn a few calories.

5/3/1 bench day additional stuff. Walked in with basically no carbs in me the entire day, felt small, was holding so much water you’d think I was a camel. Still had a good session even though there was virtually no pump.

Flat Bench (5/3/1)
-Warmup 135x5
-205 x 5
-225 x 3
-255 x 1 (Wtf HARD, not sure why)

Followed by:
225 x 5
185 x 12
Just for some volume.

Bent over rows:
-185 x 10
-205 x 3
-250 x 8
-280 x 4 (Form was pretty shitty with a lot of body english)

Hammer Strength Row:
-1PPS x 13
-2PPS x 15
-2PPS 25 x 10

Weighted Dips:
-45lbs x 10
-70lbs x 5
-90lbs x 7 BWx12
Felt hard on my shoulders, cut it short.

Some tricep rope stuff, forearm curls, etc.

Cardio (Running incline walking) 20 mins


Session was pretty shit. Nothing really to write home about.


Lat pulldowns:
120x10 x 5

Stretchers: 3 sets with light weight

Hammer Curls (Meadows style) 3 sets of 10 up to 40s
Regular Hammer curls working up to 70s x 5

Rope hammer curls (TuT focus) supersetted with pushdowns 5 sets
Dips supersetted with cordova ext 3 sets

Was temped to skip the gym today due to fatigue and shit sleep. Decided to lay down a cup of coffee and 5g of creatine around 7pm and got my grind on. Today was a shoulder/abs. Had more calories in me this time around (choked down 2 protein bars around 4pm).

Overhead Press: Started with external rotations, arm circles, other rotator cuff stuff for warmup
-95 x 5
-135 x 5
-145 x 5
-155 x 5
Felt strong today, so decided to singles. Will be training this lift 5/3/1 style starting next week.
-165 x 1
-175 x 1
-190 x 1 (felt way too easy)
-200 x fail (went up about half way, couldn’t lock it out and it came crashing down)…Soon.jpeg

One of the regular guys at the gym was training snatches behind me (he frequently trains oly lifting). Decided to do some behind the neck split jerks just for shits nd gigglez.

-50kg x 1 (Basically flew up like an empty bar)
-60kg x 1
-70kg x 1
-80kg x 1 (Also extremely easy, may start training this)

Around this point, there was a huge influx of babes coming in. Just the stim i needed lelz.

Side laterals:
-30s x 15
-40s x 12
-50s x 10 (Wut)
-50s x 10
-55s x 5 (partials) followed by 30s x 10 followed by 12.5s x 10 in a circular motion upwards (best way I can describe it)

Barbell Shrugs:
-225 x 15
-335 x 12
-425 x 10
-500 x 5 (CA$H Money)

Felt easy, decided to hit some more shrugs with dumbells.
-100s x 20
-120s x 15
-120s x 15
Gym needs heavier dumbellz

Then I did this superset of partial laterals with constant tension, front raises, clean and press X 3. Was absolutely brutal, started with 12.5s, 17.5s, and finished with 20s. Couldn’t even press the 20s lololz.

Some rear delt flies, decline crunches with 55, 65, and 75, ab roller and Glute Ham raise with bands (purple).


5/3/1 Deadlift


Lat pulldowns (Wide grip)

Trap Bar deadlifts
Horrible set

A bunch of pullups with the widest grip possible

Hammer Curls
30x 10 LR (Meadow’s Style)
40x 10 LR (Meadow’s style)
45x 10 LR (Regular)
50x 10 LR (Regular)
60x 8 LR (Regular)

Ab Roller 5 sets of 10-13

5/3/1 Bench

bar x some
95 x some
135 x 8

175 x3
195 x3
225 x7

Bent Over Rows (Forgot my straps today so did these bare handed with double overhand)
135 x 8
155 x 10
185 x 5
205 x 3
225 x 6 (grip was slipping)
135 x 12ish

Weighted Dips
w/45 x 10
w/70 x 5
w/90 x 8
w/115 x 4

followed by about 5 sets of pullups to failure supersetted with 20 rep BW dip sets

Weighted Decline Cruches
w/50 x 10
w/60 x 10
w/70 x 5 FUCK

Hanging Leg Raises
4 sets to failure

Glute ham raise with bands
BW x 10, w/purple x 8, w/green x 4 (FUK these are hard man!)

I then did some misc other stuff (biceps, stretches, etc).

OH press:
165x1, 175x1, 185x1

Behind the neck jerks:

Side Laterals:

Rear delt rows with reverse grip:
Working up to 315x8

Rear delt flies (on pec dec):
Working up to 160 for 10

Shrugs (no straps) double overhand
225x8 for a couple sets (couldn’t hold on)

Sat 4/4/15
Decline bench up to 250x5
Weighted Dips up to 90lbs for 8 reps
Forgot the rest.

Tuesday 4/7/15

Deadlift 5/3/1
Warmups 135 x some, 225 x alot

375x1 For no reason

Wide grip pullups
BWx20 on first set, forgot the other sets. Couldn’t get 5 pullups on last set, lol.

Pulldowns 5x10 working up to 160x10

Rack Pulls working up to 500x1

Hammer Curls
5 sets first 3 sets were John Meadows style with slow and controlled motion. Final set was 70sx6 alternating arms.

4/8/15 (Today)
5/3/1 Bench
Warmup bar x alot, 135 x 10ish
185 x 5
210 x 3
235 x 4
135 x 10

Weighted Dips
BW 45 x 8
BW 75 x 5
BW 90 x 8
BW 100 x 5ish


Bent over Rows (yates style with cheater form)
Wanted to do 280 for 5 but had such a horribly sore back from deadlifts yesterday

Some jogging after this at moderate pace. 15 mins

Haven’t posted my workouts in a while but they are pretty much the same as before. Yesterday was a bench/row and arm day.

Flat Bench
bar x some

Bent over row

Tbar rows
2 plates x 10
3 plates x 10
4 plates x 10

BWx some
1 plate x 10
2 plates x 9
2plates 10 x 5ish

Barbell curls
105x 15
105x 10
105x 10
105x 8

many more pump sets for tris and bis

Back on 5/3/1 after several weeks of lazy workouts (just going in to get a pump).


Warmup sets


Lat pulldowns:

Stretchers: 3 sets of 15 with light weight TuT focused (really kills lats)
Rack pulls: Worked up to 455 for a single holding for 30 seconds at the top
Pullups: 5 sets of about 10
Hammer Curls: pyramiding up to 60s
Some abs and cardio.

Haven’t been very consistent with updating this log. I will likely update it on a daily basis as it keeps me organized.
Short shoulder workout as the gym was closing early today.

Overhead press
(Took a while to get into these, triceps felt weak and was very stiff) Probably should have had a longer warmup.
95 x 10
135 x 7
140 x 6
145 x 3
155 x 5
165 x 4
175 x 1
190 x 1
195 x couldn’t lock it out (nope.jpeg) next time…

225 x 15
315 x 13
405 x 10
510 x 6

Side Laterals
30s x 16 super strict
40s x 10
50s x 10
30s x 10ish lost count

3 sets of strict hanging leg raises.

Was done in about 45 mins.