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Oscillating wave

I have been considering how to effectively go about about periodization, and came across the Oscillating wave article.
Is it reccommended to train this way for a certain priod i.e for 6 weeks only or can it be done on an ongoing basis?
It would be good if it could be done on an ongoing basis as I wouldn’t ever have to worry about periodization again

It can be done in an ongoing basis. The program gives you a strength day a hypertrophy day and an endurance day. Its condensing what you would normally do over the period of weeks into 5 days. Its just a different way of doing it. You’ll only know if it works for you until you try it out. Give it a shot. Working out is about adding strength looking good and but you cannot make the gains you want if you get bored. If you want to do the program as an ongoing program change up the exercises every couple of weeks to add a little varation so you don’t fall into a stale state. If you get bored or aren’t making the gains you want change the program or change the exercises. That will help you if you’re mentally stale and/or physically stale (stopped making gains in strength, speed and looks).