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Oscillating Wave Program

I read the Oscillating Wave Program and would like to try it, however, I was wondering if the key to the program is to only do 1 set per exercise. I understand the concept of rotating strength, hypertrophy and endurance. Your suggested workout only lists one set for each exercise. If I selected two exercises for each body part and did three sets of each (using the rotation, tempo and suggested rep range), would I receive the same results. I was considering changing up the workout every three weeks and on that last week of each cycle, lifting for personal bests. Please advise.

Have you done a search in both the forum and the main site for “Oscillating Wave”? There’s good info in the search results for both.

In the 2nd part of the article from TC http://www.testosterone.net/html/44oscil.html

he lays out the exact exercises. You’ll see the A1, A2, A3 listings next to the exercises. This means that you do A1 first, then A2 then A3 and so on in a superset, or triset fashion.

Use the exact exercises listed. Don’t jump into more volume. If you follow the guidlines to the T you will see some results. Less is more 99% of the time. As long as you are seeing gains don’t tinker with it.

Personally, I’d follow the schheme laid out. Only you know how your body responds. Nobody else. Pay attention to how you feel when you lift, how you feel during certain times of the day, how you feel wiht certain movements. It’s all about learning how to run your own computer in your body.