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Oscillating Wave Program

Has anyone tried TC’s oscillating wave program? If so how successful were you with it? I’m now ON and thought it seemed like a pretty well rounded program.

For me it’s always been about trying to take up my strength. I actually managed to use TC’s programme for that exact purpose and had great results. The trick was to increase a single rep on the medium intensity phase(which would give me a couple of weeks of rest in that rep and set range) and go up by one five pound increment on the maxes I performed during the high intensity phase. The high rep/low intensity days just went I never really payed to attention to in regards to how much weight I lifted or how many reps I performed. If I felt like I could excel the previous high rep workout in some way, I did.

It’s a great concept, the OWP. But I’d suggest you use different rep ranges. I used the Dr. Mauro Di Pas…well, you know , method of 5 4 3 2 1 on the heavy days and applied a sort of five percent solution to them. And used a 10 8 6 6 rep range for the medium rep days.

I used the programme for eight weeks and took my lifts up(looking in journal) by about 5-7% on average. You of course may have different prioroties besides sheer lifting power(!), and would be advised to adjust the rep ranges accordingly.