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Oscar Grant Murdered by Police Officer


Cold blooded murder.


thats fuked up




Payed leave my fucking ballsack


I'm Fucking Speechless, that's just totally Fuck-Up.


the cop should be arrested. until he proves his innocence (or provides reasonable doubt to guilt) he should be incarcerated.

people trained to handle firearms dont grab the wrong one, dont accidentally take the safety off, dont squeeze the trigger, and dont point it at something they do not intend to shoot. these are basic weapons handling rules.

the officer is trained to handle firearms. at least that should be assumed. as such, he should be held to a higher standard than a civilian.

if a civilian had done this, he'd be found guilty of manslaughter, at least. so the officer should as well.

if soldiers at war can be put away for war crimes in their stressful situations, cops should be held just as accountable for their actions in similar stressful situations.

its called discipline and restraint.


execution style shooting by a police officer. wow.


the double standard thats gonna allow this guy to get away with this is ridiculous.

"he was in a stressful situation; feared for his life; accidental discharge; young; etc."

thats what they'll say.

guess what happens if a civilian does the same thing and tries to use those excuses in court? fukin done. goin to prison.

didnt a 12 year or something old just go to jail for accidentally discharging a weapon a killing someone?

and this is someone trained to handle fukin guns.

im done.
for now.


If this officer gets off, I think California will burn. Let us not forget Rodney King. Some injustices are simply not tolerated by the public.


That is horrible.

Some people have been saying in defense of the Office that he may have mistaken his taser for his gun. This seems tenuous at best, given his posture and composure throughout the shooting. It seems to me that if you pulled out a gun and shot someone, thinking it was a taser, you would not be able to calmly holster the weapon afterward(as he did), for the surprise of having done that.

The officer is in his mid 20s, and a relatively new member of the BART police force(2 years)

Oscar Grant was 23, and he had a daughter.


I am sure it wasn't as simple as it seems, when you have a group full of drunk people screaming "fuck the police" and running up on you while trying to calm the situation down you are probably pretty nervous. Maybe they shouldn't have been in a fight, maybe the cop shouldn't have shot, maybe the man shouldn't resisted, who knows but it happened. I don't think the cop just shot the kid at point blank range for fun.


Beating on a belligerent crackhead and shooting and killing a seamingly innocent man in cold blood are two very different things.


Sorry, but no. Wrongful death is never simple, always complicated, and usually involves lots of emotion. Its not like he was the only cop there, and he didn't seem to be all that concerned about the crowd. His attention was obviously focused on the victim.

Yeah, he was nervous. But hes a trained professional. He has to deal with it.

And there is no "maybe the cop shouldn't have shot." No maybe about it.

And he probably didn't do it for fun, but look at it from a couple perspectives:

A. He accidentally shot him.
He shouldn't have had the weapon off safe or his finger
around the trigger to begin with. Not in that situation.
Trust me, they are taught these things and train that

B. Shot him on purpose cause he felt he had to, for safety.
His better judgment should have prevailed.

C. Shot him cause he was pissed.
This doesn't really need an explanation.

Either way, ask yourself this. If YOU had done what the cop did, in that situation, regardless if it was an accident or not, would YOU go to jail? Damn right you would.

No excuse whatsoever. Bottom line is if you or I would have done this, for whatever reason, we would be in jail right now, not on paid leave. This is a trained weapons handler. No excuse.


The officer is a trained professional. Screened before being hired and trained in crowd control. I have saw no personal threat to any officer in any of the videos. A bunch of people partying and being a little rowdy.

There are always two sides to the story. No this however, when a cop is in the wrong and you try to do right, you are in the wrong. So you will be punished, for taking the law in your own hands, and the cop will get off. Now that is justus as in the cops are always in the right and their view as a WHOLE!! is thinking it's JUSTUS against them.

Bottom line, it's a totally fuck-up situation. No one is going to win, because Oscar Grant is dead. His daughter will pay the ultimate price. She's the silent victum, voiceless and for the most part forgotten.


Don't want to start a big race debate here but: you very rarely see a white guy brutalized or killed by cops. It's always a person of color. Well not always, usually.


My point exactly, California will burn if he get off.


My physics teacher told us how when he was choosing a career he tried to become a cop (this was 30 years ago) but failed because the entrance requirements were so steep.

He said you needed a university degree, second language and psychological testing before they even started you with he basic training.

Now all you need is your high school diploma, psychology evaluation and first aid certificate.


I think your physics teacher was full of it. Granted I was not alive 30 years ago, but I know plenty of cops that were and i dont know one of them that had anything more than a highschool degree, and no one spoke 2 languages back then. It is much more common now a days for people to have degree's and speak 2 languages. heck, even the largest department in the country (NYPD) with some of the lowest standards still requires some college.

As for this video, yes it looks bad, but until I hear the other side of the story I will reserve judgement.


You know the problem is that nowadays there are too many pussies entering the police. The standard was set too low and now we got a bunch of fat asses and/or mentally weak assholes in the police...pathetic!


Nothing is going to come of this. It'll be in the news for a week max, and then some other news story will take over.

The only people that'll still be fighting this, is the family and friends by next week, and once the public support vanishes, they'll have no hope of seeing justice.

Since when was a police officer ever brought to justice for something like this?

1 hour after the incident the officers at the scene probably had a team of 20 senior officials and lawyers briefing them on what to say and how to say it, so they could get of with nothing more then a slap on the wrist.

We're already living in a policed state, but we just don't realise it yet. Slowly but surely human rights are taken away from the public, but it's done it such a way, that people don't even see it. Every day the voice of the public is being heard less and less.

What happened to the government representing the people that voted for them? Gone!

What happened to protect and serve? Gone!

Now all we get is, "Do what we say or else!".

Governments are no longer by the people for the people. They are solely there to serve a ruling class, and the police are their very own storm troopers.

If that guy was the son of someone that gave a sizable contribution to the republican party in their last campaign, The Governator would have had the cop in jail by now.

As it stands, it's just another black kid from Cali.

I hope I'm wrong, and democracy prevails. But it probably wont.



Clearly this is how all police behave. We should not stand for police anymore. Let us all join hands and call for no more police departments, and no more police.