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Oscar Contest Winner

Thanks to all those who participated in the T-Nation “Predict the Oscars” contest. The Best Picture award went to The Lord of the Rings. Geeks rejoice!

And the winner of the Low Carb Grow! drawing is…


Your Biotest prize and a Testosterone T-shirt are on the way!

Who else was gonna win, go NZ we friggin rule!!!
a billion dollars injected into or pokie little economy, yay!
and if you think LOTR is good, check out “Meet the Feebles”. the muppets meet porn and violence as only peter jackson could do.

Hmm Lord Of The Rings won how…sigh predictable but hey thats Hollywood.

Woohoo! On both ends. As a Warrior Nerd, I am glad that Lord Of the Rings won Best Picture and that I was fortunate enought to win. Thanks T-mag!

It’s me again. I just got the opportunity to thank you once again for the MRP and the T-shirt. I found the package on my doorstep when I got home from work. I am wearing the T-shirt tommorrow for casual friday. Thanks once again, Biotest. You guys are the Best!